Video Production and Nonprofits- Part 2

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Myth: Nonprofits can’t afford video production

A common misbelief is that video production is expensive. Well, yes it can be… but it doesn’t have to be. Video can be produced using low or even a zero budget. And the best part is, quality doesn’t even have to be sacrificed.
All you need is a video camera and Internet access and you can create a video. Quick on-the-go videos provide authenticity and compelling visuals for viewers.
Instagram video and Vine are best ways for nonprofits to create zero-budget videos. Charity Water, Diabetes UK, (RED), Unicef USA and Practical Action are just a few nonprofits adapting to the social video.
A while back, (RED) teamed up with Mashable to set a world record for the most Vines created for a good cause. The nonprofit used the strategy of celebrity endorsements. The Vines featured several different celebrities speaking about the (RED) cause.
Here is an example of one of the Vines featuring David Guetta who asks viewers to please support (RED) and “retweet” the Vine.
If you do have a budget for video, but want to keep it low, the key is choosing certain techniques over others.
Here are some ideas for effective videos that non-profits can produce with low budgets.
-Taking interviews of key people in the organization
-Filming families, communities and individuals who have benefited from work by your organization
-Film an event or activity as it happens
-Use still shots and statements as content for a video
Now that you know your nonprofit can afford video marketing, you might be wondering what type of content nonprofit videos should include. Check back tomorrow for a post all about controlling your message.


Corinne Buckwalter is a marketing coordinator at Green Buzz Agency. She researches and implements SEO practices for the GBA website, generates blog posts and manages the agency’s social media platforms. In her free time she enjoys running, eating frozen yogurt and supporting the Terps. 
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