Video Production and Nonprofits- Part 3

Green Buzz Agency has been looking at 12 different economic sectors for trends in video marketing practices. For the next 12 weeks, we’ll be posting one blog series each week that analyzes one of the sectors. We’ll be covering Energy, Education, Fashion, Finance, Sports, Politics, Real Estate, Travel, Food, Events, Non-Profits and Health.


Clear content is key

When you watch a video, what do you expect? Well, a lot of things. But the number one expectation is to understand the message of the video. It is extremely important, especially to nonprofits, that the message of the video is clear and the audience understands what your organization wants from them.
Before you start production for a video, it is important to develop a clear outline of the messages of the video. You should be able to construct this in a single paragraph to share with the organization’s team and production crew. This way, if you encounter any unexpected problems or challenges, the outline will help your organization get back on track.
Often times, nonprofits choose to create controversial videos to bring light to certain problems in order to get organizations message out. This has proven to be an effective strategy. Even if videos shares due to negative attention, it still generates a buzz for your video and in turn your organization’s cause.
With that said, it is still important for organizations to use caution when producing these controversial videos.
PETA is infamous for controversial videos. Although some don’t agree with the message of the video, it still drives up the number of views and grabs everyone’s attention. Here’s an example of what we’re talking about…
“My Boyfriend Went Vegan”:

This message might not make sense to some people, and others might not agree with it, but they’ll certainly remember it.
Now, if you’re trying to send a message about a “touchy” subject, there’s one strategy we have found effective- keep it light. Using animation rather than real people can make even the most serious subjects a bit less grim. Creating a jingle or using upbeat music is another strategy to send an important message about a serious subject in a lighter way.
The Melbourne Australia Metro did a great job lightening up the message about deaths caused by the metro in its video “Dumb Ways to Die.”

Now that you know how to create a video on a low budget and what to include in the video, you might be wondering where your organization should place these videos? Check back tomorrow for the last part of the series on mediums for nonprofit videos.


Corinne Buckwalter is a marketing coordinator at Green Buzz Agency. She researches and implements SEO practices for the GBA website, generates blog posts and manages the agency’s social media platforms. In her free time she enjoys running, eating frozen yogurt and supporting the Terps. 

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