Video Production and the Fashion Industry- Part 4

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More than a sales pitch

If your fashion business has decided to enter the world of video marketing, then there’s one thing you need to know: an effective fashion marketing video is more than just a sales pitch.

Yes, consumers are much more confident in products once they see them in “real time,” but there’s several other best content practices necessary for a successful fashion marketing video. You know, we’re human so naturally we want more. We want  to see more than a product display.

Lululemon recently created a video that successfully went above and beyond to engage viewers.

Obviously, Corker is sporting Lululemon clothing throughout the video, but the theme of the video is much deeper than displaying the product or telling viewers why Lululemon’s workout gear is great. It emotionally connects with viewers by telling a story of success: Corker set a goal, worked hard and accomplished her goal.

The video never says anything about the brand itself, but the logo appears more than five times plus a scene of Corker riding her bike wearing Lululemon from head to toe, subtly sending the message that wearing the brand helps achieve goals.

Another company that successfully using video marketing is Zappos. Zappos incorporates a variety of content material in its video marketing strategy including product videos, customer service videos, how-to videos, video reviews, brand marketing and more.

One quirky video, “Zappos Family Music Video” combines the perfect amount of humor, information and entertainment to provoke consumer interest in the retail company.
And that’s not the only Zappos video featuring its employees. Zappos used employees to represent “normal people” wearing the products to create video descriptions on the site. The retail company found a 10 precent increase in sales when a video description appeared with the product.

So what does this mean for your company? Well, Lululemon and Zappos have shown us that content is key. There’s more to fashion video production than an extravagant sales pitch featuring high-end models wearing your products. Be creative, be quirky and be unique with your video content.


Corinne Buckwalter is a marketing coordinator at Green Buzz Agency. She researches and implements SEO practices for the GBA website, generates blog posts and manages the agency’s social media platforms. In her free time she enjoys running, eating frozen yogurt and supporting the Terps. 

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