Video Production and the Fashion Industry- Part 5

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Why fashion should not be isolated

So we’ve talked about various mediums and content fashion companies are using for video production. The last thing we’re going to talk about is a specific genre of fashion video. As social media is dominating the nation, fashion films are an up and coming genre in the fashion video world. If your fashion company is looking for a way to spice up its marketing strategy, you might want to invest in a series of fashion films displaying your collections. It helps display the personality of your brand, but shows off your products at the same time.

Now we really tend to see the higher end fashion companies investing in this business. Dior, Chanel, Fendi, Gucci are just a few brands combining fashion film with their video marketing strategy. In an article written by Manish Mishra, he explains the reason why international fashion brands are combining fashion with the power of motion picture.

“Fashion is a form of art and like any other art form, it can’t exist in isolation,” Mishra says.

To really get an idea of how fashion is a form of art, let’s look at Dior’s “Secret Garden 2” film.

This fashion film brings Dior’s Fall 2013 collection to life. The film is mysterious and dreamlike, showing the models as “flower-women” moving through the woods and garden. But were we even paying much attention to what the women were actually doing, or were we just looking at their flowing gowns, flashy necklaces and vibrant lipstick?

The fashion film portrays Dior’s brand identity flawlessly- glamorous, prestigious, flashy and vibrant. The models remained elegant and glamorous with their slow and minimal movements throughout the film, perfectly displaying Dior’s personality, but at the same time allowing viewers to admire the Fall 2013 collection.

Now, don’t think your brand’s fashion film has to be so high-end and glamorous. Let the film reflect your brand’s personality and show off your collection.


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