What You Need To Know About Video Event Coverage

Updated on July 10th, 2018 


When you think of event videos, weddings may be the first thing to pop into your head. While those account for a big portion of the industry, there are many other events where videos are extremely important. There are 3 ways to think of these videos: pre-event, during the event, and post-event.




Pre-event videos work like advertisements or even movie trailers. They inform potential attendees about the event, what they should expect, and help build anticipation and hype. These are used mostly for award ceremonies, big sporting events, annual concerts and music festivals. They usually include some of the best moments and highlights from previous years. Pre-event videos can include countdowns, lead ups, links to websites, logistics and more. They can be broadcast on television or put on social media. The purpose of these are to inform as well as to market and increase awareness.


E! News does a lot of pre-event videos for occasions like the Grammys, VMAs, and Golden Globes where they discuss the nominated celebrities and predicted winners. This creates excitement for the event and encourages viewers to tune in when the time comes. The same goes for sporting events. ESPN does a great job with pregame talk shows where they examine players, previous games and make predictions.





Some videos take place during events. Shot in advance, these videos breakup the flow of a show and give it texture. Its important to know your audience for these kinds of videos in order to keep them engaged and interested.


For example, during sporting events there are often videos played during the game, like history rolls and replays. Or during award ceremonies, it is not uncommon for there to be montages of award winners or hall-of-famers’ achievements. The most common example, however, may be during live reality tv shows (like American Idol). After a contestant’s introduction segment, there is usually a clip giving background on them. This reels in the audience and makes them care for the contestant, and on a bigger scale, the show.





A post-event video’s purpose is for memory and record. These are often used for family oriented events like weddings, baptisms, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, graduations, athletic competitions, etc. For businesses, videos recapping fun or informative company events can make your workplace enticing and help with recruitment and hiring.


These videos capture the emotions and details of live events. It’s important for videographers to be prepared prior to shoot time because there is only one chance to capture as much footage as possible. There might be several cameras used in order to catch reactions, close ups, details, and different camera angles. The more footage to work with after the event, the more options for editing, and the better chance of ending with a high quality video.



Not every occasion needs a video before, during and after the event. It all depends on what the event is, who the audience is and what its purpose is. Consulting a video production agency for large-scale videos is never a bad idea.

Alanna Goodman contributed to this post.

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