Video Trends | Real Estate | Television Commercials | Part 3

Green Buzz Agency has been looking at 12 different economic sectors for trends in video marketing practices. For the next 12 weeks, we’ll be posting one blog series each week that analyzes one of the sectors. We’ll be covering Energy, Education, Fashion, Finance, Sports, Politics, Real Estate, Travel, Food, Events, Non-Profits and Health.


Television commercials can be expensive to produce and air but if they’re made right they can be an effective way for companies to get their message across to a mass audience and to stand out from other companies. In the competitive real estate market with multiple agencies you want to give your company a competitive edge.


First let’s look at what characteristics make a great Real Estate Commercial. Your commercial should have at least one of these:

  • Humor that’s appropriate to the audience
  • Relatable characteristics/situations
  • Simple, upbeat storyline
  • Character dialogue to tell a story
  • Emotional connection


And here are two top examples of high quality real estate commercials with winning characteristics:


Commercial 1 – Humor

Century 21 “Is there a Century 21 Agent in the House?”


This video is one of a four part series done for the super bowl. The videos are high budget and incorporate humor from dealing with crises during major life events. They have the groom fainting at the wedding, the couple at the mini-mart winning the lotto while the husband is choking, the family’s youngest getting tackled by the school mascot on his first day at college, and the couple having a baby on the subway.


The humor comes from the fact that with all this mayhem, the actually crises is that each couple or group needs a new house, and the Century 21 agent is there offering quick solutions. This ad is successful because of its relevance to a large audience based on the assumption that most people will go through or have gone through these life events, especially new homeowners.


At the end of the crises the video cuts to a graphic with the company logo and “Stay calm, there’s a 21 Century Agent in the house – smarter, bolder, faster” with voiceover. Each commercial runs about 30 seconds long and together total approximately 324,000 views on YouTube (21,000 14,000 255,000 34,000 respectively)


Commercial 2 – Emotion

Coldwell Banker “We Believe”


Coldwell Banker does an excellent job connecting with the audience through emotion created by video techniques and content. The lighting was carefully chosen to capture the sun streaming through windows creating a dream-like atmosphere, which ties with Coldwell Banker’s theme of “Filling Dreams”. The voice over which is narrating throughout the commercial is a fatherly and comforting voice. Even the background song – Phillip Phillips’ “Home” is highly appropriate with its soft yet uplifting sounds and at the lyrics timed with the ending of the commercial, “going to make this place your home” is both relevant and meaningful.


The visual content is also very important and would have been carefully selected. There are scenes of the children playing sports in the backyard with dad, in the kitchen baking with mom – licking the frosting from the bowl, hanging pictures on the refrigerator door, gardening, connecting with neighbors, grilling, sleepovers and sleep-ins, mancaves and womancaves. Even the lighting giving the impression of the sun streaming through gives a happy and warmth feeling.


The commercial ends with this quote, “its your castle, we’ll find one that’s perfect for you.” The high emotional connection this commercial creates with the audience by using relatable characters and situations and tying it with relevant song and voiceover and appropriate lighting and images is what makes this a winning commercial!






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