Video Trends | Real Estate | YouTube | Part 4

Green Buzz Agency has been looking at 12 different economic sectors for trends in video marketing practices. For the next 12 weeks, we’ll be posting one blog series each week that analyzes one of the sectors. We’ll be covering Energy, Education, Fashion, Finance, Sports, Politics, Real Estate, Travel, Food, Events, Non-Profits and Health.


A trend we’ve been seeing is that some of the top real estate companies have added links to their company’s YouTube stations from their websites and are taking time to create valuable content videos and funny videos.


These videos are more important to a company than you might think and it’s obvious that it is becoming more popular for companies to make these. But why? Well in the simplest explanation, people like watching videos. That’s not all though. Video marketing can increase your brand and credibility and having video will reduce the bounce of your website, meaning that people will stay online and engaged longer.


It’s true that people prefer watching video to reading. You can utilize social media and video to create stronger connections with clients and leads and build your brand credibility.


Content, Content, Content

Companies are using content videos to build their brand credibility by making content videos. This can include information for new homebuyers, information about the housing market, mortgages, neighborhood trends, housing trends….


And it can be done in many ways. We’re seeing companies use infographics in videos, it could be a podcasts, interviews, or even slide shows. It’s important to use content because it:


  1. Shows clients you know what your talking about
  2. Gives them information that they need
  3. Exchanging information for sales
  4. Put a face to the company


This can also be applied to viral videos:


Viral Videos:

People want to know who they’re buying from. Nothing puts a face to your brand like a well-made viral video.


Here are some traits of a successful viral video

  1. Funny
  2. Relatable
  3. Exposing the truth
  4. Emotional
  5. Unexpected
  6. Unfamiliar
  7. Interactive
  8. Right place, right time


Keller Williams does an excellent job with their YouTube Channel. They have made short videos series including spoofs of e-harmony, the Harlem Shake, and my favorite Giri – an app similar to Siri featuring CEO Gary Keller.


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