What 200 Million People Will Be Doing In 2015

If you want to grab people’s attention, best make a video and put it online. Whether they’re watching on their laptop, smartphone or tablet, more than 200 million people will consume digital video content in 2015, according to a recent eMarketer report. That’s probably why a survey of marketers told Social Media Examiner that the thing they want to learn more about in 2015 is creating visual assets and producing original video.
Nearly 7 in 8 Americans watch online video, with more than half doing so daily, according to comScore. YouTube still holds the number one ranking for online video platforms, and the most popular YouTube channels are all professionally produced creator networks: VEVO (44.2 million viewers), Disney/Maker Studios (42.6 million viewers) and Fullscreen (36.9 million viewers).
That’s where marketers step in. In 2014, U.S. digital video ad spending increased 56% to reach $5.96 billion, according to eMarketer. Everyone’s seen the Lincoln ads with Matthew McConaughey, and sure, they’re garnering views on YouTube. But creating branded video entertainment that’s native to the digital platform and taps into the 18-34 audience is where advertising dollars are headed, and here’s who is already making a splash.

Longform Entertainment

Uncle DrewPepsi Max
“A zero calorie cola in disguise.” While Pepsi Max did rely on the appearance of a celebrity in this entertaining video, the celebrity isn’t revealed until the end. It takes strong storytelling to keep audiences waiting for the end and the big reveal, and with 37+ million viewers, Pepsi Max is a great example of how audiences are willing to stick around if the video is captivating. The premise? Pepsi Max went to a pick-up game of basketball in Bloomfield, NJ pretending to be shooting a documentary on a player named “Kevin.” They brought Kevin’s “Uncle Drew” along, who stepped into the game. After a few missed shots, “Uncle Drew” turns out to be the MVP of the game. How does this 5-minute piece tie into the Pepsi Max brand? See for yourself who Pepsi Max put “in disguise” for the game.



Real Beauty SketchesDove
Shot with a cinematic quality, Dove took its Real Beauty campaign to the next level by producing a mini documentary on how women perceive themselves versus how they see each other. The story is set in a spacious room high up in a city skyscraper with natural light streaming in from the walls of windows. Dove focuses the story on the interviews with the women who sit down for the experiment and their reactions to seeing the difference in the sketches created when they describe themselves as opposed to when another woman is asked to describe them. The mini-documentary format serves the Dove campaign well by offering female consumers a look at what other “real” women think and feel about their own beauty–and they’ve got 65+ million views to show for it.


TV Commercial

TJ Smith “Spread Your Joy”Nissan
The YouTube sensation TJ Smith got his 15 minutes of fame when he started encouraging fellow drivers to pass time in California traffic by singing along to pop hits such as the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way” and The Foundations’ “Build Me Up Buttercup.” Nissan took note and created a TV commercial around the gimmick, featuring Smith at the wheel singing Billy Idol’s “Mony Mony.” While this commercial aired on TV, it’s a good example of a brand making a move to tap into a social influencer’s existing 18-34 audience by bridging the gap between TV and online video.


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Clara Ritger is an assistant producer at Green Buzz Agency. She writes and manages the GBA blog. In 2015, she will be watching lots of Tastemade, a YouTube multi-channel network for foodies. Find her on Twitter @clararitger.


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