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What Counts as a Video View?

Updated 14-07-17

What is a video view? The answer to this question seems obvious – someone who watched your video. But as it turns out, what counts as a view isn’t that simple, and it’s constantly changing. Every video distribution platform has a different way to count your view. If you’re depending on this muddy metric, it can make it difficult to determine if your video is actually achieving your brand’s goals.

However, with a clear sense of what a view actually means, it can be an impactful way to measure the reach and impact of your video.

Here, we’ve rounded up 2017 top social video sites and how they measure views to help out with your video marketing plans.  


What is a Facebook Video View?


The video must run on autoplay for at least 3 seconds. Even if the viewer doesn’t click to engage audio, it still counts as a view. However, you can also measure “Video views to 95%,” which reflects the number of viewers who watched at least 95% of your video (Facebook for business).


What is a YouTube Video View?


The viewer must click the play button to view the video, and they must watch it for at least 30 seconds (AdWeek).


What is an Instagram Video View?


The video must run for at least 3 seconds. Instagram’s autoplay video feature loops the clip automatically, so the social network measures “unique users” instead of total views (Marketing Land).


What is a Snapchat Video View?


The viewer must open the video, whether through a direct snap or a snap story. They do not have to watch the entire video for it to count as a view. If someone watches a snap multiple times, it still only counts as 1 view per user (Tyler Lawrence).


What is a Twitter Video View?


For video advertising, Twitter only charges the advertiser when the video has been fully visible and playing for at least three seconds. Twitter also uses autoplay (Twitter).

What is a Vimeo Video View?


Vimeo distinguishes between “loads” and “plays.” A load is when the video loads on Vimeo or the site where the video is embedded. A play is counted when someone pushes the video’s play button on Vimeo or the site where it’s embedded (Vimeo).


Knowing how social media sites measure views will help marketers to contextualize the data surrounding their content.

Zoe Epstein is a marketing and communications intern at Green Buzz Agency. She develops and executes social media strategy and reports on industry trends. Leah Eder contributed to this post.

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