When Superstorm Sandy hit the Northeast, Toyota sent its manufacturing production team to help the Food Bank For New York City maximize the number of meals it could give to families in need. No good deed goes unnoticed, so Toyota brought in digital marketing agency 360i to help spread the word about the program, which actually helped the Food Bank […]

Marketing executive Mario Costantino Pace was well-aware of the hurdle he faced in bringing a lingerie brand to the United States market. In fact, the sales and marketing vice president had a market study to prove it. “Nobody really knows Triumph,” Pace said. “What I was tasked with was defining a customer value proposition for the brand. What are we […]

Behind the glass paneled doors that separated the TimesCenter from the bright lights and bustling streets of New York’s Times Square District stood hundreds of people waiting to see Perez Hilton. The celebrity gossip maven was scheduled to appear on a panel at New York’s Advertising Week, the annual gathering of marketers and communication strategists. But it was clear that […]

There’s really two conclusions you can draw from the October #GBArank, where we rated the 22 promos for the TV networks’ new shows. The first is that we have really bad taste in television. The second–and let’s be honest, far more likely–conclusion is that great video editors can sell even the worst of TV shows.   Take “Mulaney,” for example. […]

The team at Green Buzz Agency ranked the promotional spots for each of the 22 network TV shows that aired their very first episode in September or October. Which TV show had the promo that made us most likely to tune in for the pilot? And which TV show had us looking over at the wall to watch the paint dry? We’ll […]

The Countdown Begins: #GBArank

If the team at Green Buzz Agency could represent any sport, we would choose basketball. Our love for the game is manifested in our NBA Showtime arcade station sitting in the front hallway of our office. Now we’re ready to broadcast that enthusiasm ESPN-style to the world. Welcome to our Twitter countdown series: #GBArank. Each month the GBA team will put […]

Are You Green Buzz Agency’s Next Intern?

We’re looking for creative minds passionate about marketing, events planning and communication strategy to join our award-winning team. Our internship provides hands-on experience and individualized attention to enthusiastic undergraduate and graduate students. While we hope you are as interested in visual storytelling as we are, no previous video production experience is required. Qualifications – A current undergraduate or graduate student […]

Online video is the fastest growing ad format, more than tripling in viewership between Dec. 2012 and Dec. 2013. YouTube has more than 1 billion unique users each month. And the chances of getting a page one listing on Google increase 53 times when you have video content. We talked with marketing and communications professionals at the Public Relations Society […]

“It’s nice to have a diverse portfolio of different channels you’re using…in terms of driving traffic back to your website, you’ll have more success.” – Craig Hepburn   We all want to be avant-garde in our approach to marketing content and with so many tools at our disposal, it’s important to stay ahead of the latest trends. A lot has been […]

Welcome to the Video Marketing Revolution

“Go off and actually embrace the channel…Create content personally, get involved in it, listen to people, ask questions, and really understand it.” – Craig Hepburn   Understanding what content your audience is looking for, and the appropriate channel in which to filter it through, is essential in building a rock solid social following. Every social media channel has its own unique culture and […]

Don’t Give Up on Social Media

How do you breathe life back into a dying or non-existent social media presence?   The real question is, what do all viral tsunami-like campaigns have in common? From The ALS Association’s “Ice Bucket Challenge” to Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches”, many of these iconic marketing strategies found their viral identity through the social media-sphere. All of them were sharable, easily consumable, and often community inspired VIDEO.    […]

Soup to Nuts Video Production Overview

So you have great taste when it comes to video, but you aren’t quite sure how the process works. In this short segment from Green Buzz Agency’s presentation for AMADC, you will learn what the video production process entails. With this fundamental knowledge of how a video is made, it will become easier to communicate with your video production team. Learn […]

Green Buzz Agency’s Tod Plotkin, Bryce Spivey and Andrew Parkison recently spoke to AMADC about video marketing strategy. Here are some highlights you won’t want to miss!:   Recently, Green Buzz Agency created a video to highlight The George Washington University Men’s Basketball Program and their appearance in the Atlantic 10 Tournament. To gain some background on the project and its objectives, jump to 0:14. […]

  Green Buzz Agency’s Tod Plotkin, Bryce Spivey and Andrew Parkison recently spoke to AMADC about video marketing strategy. Here are some highlights you won’t want to miss!:   With so many variables involved in creating an effective video, what information should you be giving your production team? Jump to 0:55 to find out!   The style of a video is one of the most important […]

  Green Buzz Agency’s Tod Plotkin, Bryce Spivey and Andrew Parkison recently spoke to AMADC about video marketing strategy. Here are some highlights you won’t want to miss!:   How can you utilize slow motion video in your marketing strategy? Jump to 0:30 to find out! Want to know more about super high resolution 4k video? Go to 1:43 to […]

  The Value in Content Engagement—that’s the buzzword. If you want to build your brand, enhance your positioning strategy, and remain on top-on-mind for potential customers, you need to actively engage people. So how do you get people to engage with your brand when they aren’t shopping? What would make them seek out your website each time they go online, […]

Know Your Options—Video Hosting Sites Once you make a video for your business, the next question is where to post it. There are many different video hosting sites on the web that each offer different advantages depending on what you’re looking for. The key is figuring out which hosting site is right for your business. YouTube Budget: Low Clutter: High […]

  Wistia Budget: Medium-to-High Clutter: Low Key Benefit: Analytics If neither YouTube nor Vimeo is right for you, Wistia is a slightly newer alternative in the video hosting scene. Unlike many other video hosting sites, Wistia was designed with marketers in mind so it is highly customizable and never has ads. Wistia’s platform is intended to be used for hosting high quality videos, much […]

Advertising your business in 6 seconds seems like an unrealistic goal on paper, however, more and more marketers are using the likes of Vine and YouTube to create a lasting impression of their product. It’s interesting to think about the future of these platforms. Green Buzz Agency attended the 2013 PRSA International Conference in Philadelphia, PA and caught up with […]

There is no denying the power of visually-based advertising platforms or messaging. With the average attention span being only 8 seconds now, four seconds less than thirteen years ago, we as an industry have to immediately capture our consumer’s attention. There is no wasting time. Nowadays, you probably have more luck keeping a gold fish’s or monkey’s attention than a […]