Watch here for an example of innovation in audio driven animation   1. Be innovative Sure, you can follow a script. But you’re the production professional! It’s your job and your responsibility to see the potential to add embellishments in visual design that will make the video soar. Your relationship with your client is all about adding value and making […]

Photo courtesy of Ivanka Trump   It’s like fishing. If you want to catch a particular fish, you have to have the right bait.   The secret to converting your website visitors into paying customers lies in the content you use to reel them in.   That’s the strategy behind the lifestyle blog, which is readying to launch an […]

  CBS: According to David Morris, Chief Revenue Officer of CBS Interactive, a feature that is in development will allow a video to follow you as you read an article. Videos pop up in between text while you’re reading an article, and they play when 50% of the video is visible, allowing for a more engaging–and less annoying–way […]

It should come as no surprise that smartphone and tablet usage has skyrocketed and is continuing to do so. The number of mobile-connected devices exceeded the world’s population in 2014, Cisco says, and the average amount of time Americans spend using mobile devices has surpassed the amount of time they spend watching television, according to Fortune.   With the explosion […]

During the VideoNuze 2015 Online Video Advertising Summit, Michael Sebastian of Advertising Age told the audience that on Facebook, a video must play for at least 3 seconds to qualify as a view, whereas to qualify as a view on YouTube it must play for at least 30 seconds.   There is also a discrepancy in how the video play […]

There are two types of content, according to BuzzFeed Motion Pictures VP Jonathan Perelman. The first is content to be consumed, and the second is content to be communicated.   Content to be communicated–what BuzzFeed calls “shareable content”–is where BuzzFeed has carved out its reputation. And the approach that has made them famous for their lists is the same approach […]

Where is advertising headed?   Just look at Chipotle.   The fast casual food company isn’t only making burritos. With a successful web series under their belt, they’ve become original entertainment producers now too. The pilot for “Farmed and Dangerous,” a satirical series about where food comes from, was one of the top five longform videos viewed on Hulu on […]

  BrightRoll Video Summit- New York From the Big Screen to the Little Screen: The Future of Digital Video Advertising on the Second Screen Americans just can’t put down their mobile devices — not even when they’re watching TV. The rise of these “second-screen users” presents an opportunity for marketers looking to get the most out of their advertising buys. […]

With Internet Week NYC upon us, we gathered up 5 of the best tips we learned about marketing on the web from the innovators and industry experts at Social Media Week NYC. Matt Britton, Founder and CEO of MRY: “Brands are going to pay for 1-2 good pieces of content, preferably video, and use that over and over again.” Matt […]

If you want to grab people’s attention, best make a video and put it online. Whether they’re watching on their laptop, smartphone or tablet, more than 200 million people will consume digital video content in 2015, according to a recent eMarketer report. That’s probably why a survey of marketers told Social Media Examiner that the thing they want to learn […]

The age old challenge marketers face is how to activate their audience to take action and further engage with their brand. Inspiring consumers to continue their experience with the company isn’t easy in any advertising form. But interactive video offers a sweet solution. Viewers are immersed and engaged in the content, moving through the journey of the company. Green Buzz […]

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How to Make A Video

Green Buzz Agency breaks down the Three Phases of Production Many professionals find the production process to be challenging and confusing. Green Buzz Agency’s Bryce Spivey and Andrew Parkison provide insight into the three stages of production and how effective the overall production process can be if you start off on the right foot. These presentations are brought to you […]

Amnesty International’s Cammie Croft on Technology & Social Media in the 2008 Obama Campaign Campaign communication efforts are more efficient today due to evolution of technology & social media. Cammie Croft of Amnesty International discusses the effectiveness of using text messaging and social media platforms to inform supporters. Amnesty International’s Cammie Croft on New Media in the Obama White House […]

EverFi’s Ira Frankel on the Secret to Brand Education Many businesses today struggle with knowing how to market their brand and build a positive reputation. Ira Frankel of EverFi talks about the importance of representing your brand in a positive way through educational missions. He also provides information to help businesses understand what consumers want and how to meet those […]

FARE’s Veronica LaFemina on the Principles of Strategic Communication Veronica LaFemina of the nonprofit organization Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) discusses how to “set goals, make a plan.” “Set goals, Make a plan” is one of the guiding principles used by FARE to ensure strategic communication efforts are met while raising awareness about their cause. FARE’s Veronica LaFemina on […]

Tenacity5’s Geoff Livingston on Post-Social Marketing Developing social features, like comments, is no longer the focus, says Tenacity5’s Geoff Livingston. Startups are using the existing social media outlets to reach customers with their message. Tenacity5’s Geoff Livingston on the Mobile Media Era Smart phones changed the way we approach media. Tenacity 5’s Geoff Livingston talks about how everything we consume […]

Pivot Point’s Casey Kincheloe explains Micro Content Micro content is an increasingly popular way to attract audiences to brands, Casey Kincheloe of Pivot Point says. Easily digestible “snackable content,” micro content is meant to allow audiences to learn about a brand. Rather than actually selling something, it acts as a promotional tool that grabs people’s attention and help them to […]

USO’s Jay Sternberg on their Strategy for Finding Donors Connecting with your audience is critical to nonprofit fundraising. USO identified that their donors have a connection to the military, perhaps by knowing someone who served or is  currently serving, and that their donors want to see where the money goes, which has shaped their communication strategy. USO’s Jay Sternberg explains […]

How To Identify Your Target Audience

LivingSocial’s Sara Parker on the Site’s Strategy and Audience Many startups find that they draw a primarily male audience. But once retail is introduced, the user base shifts. LivingSocial’s Sara Parker talks about how they identified their audience as educated, affluent females who like to shop and engage with merchants. These presentations are brought to you by Green Buzz Agency […]