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Video. It's What we do.

Green Buzz Agency collaborates with a diverse array of brands to create cinematic video content. We’re storytellers that leverage multidisciplinary talents to empower our clients and bolster what they stand for. At Green Buzz, we don’t just engage audiences— we truly evoke emotion.


Our emphasis on sound design, color grading and dynamic interview bites has led to more than 100 million organic views as well as Emmy & Webby distinctions. In an era of fractured attention, our content isn’t just digestible, it’s memorable

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Motion Graphics

Using cutting-edge motion graphic design, we create anything from full-scale animations to integrated visual effects. Product explainers, company overviews and app demonstrations are just a few ideas we’ve transformed—literally—into motion.


Creative Development

From concept creation to scriptwriting and storyboarding, we bring together a unique team of producers, copywriters, designers and strategists to create a highly specialized creative plan for each project. Our multifaceted team of innovators have the strategic and creative prowess to turn your ideas into digital reality.

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Social & Digital

As a digital first agency, we’re experts on content creation that is thoroughly researched, designed and optimized for high performance and maximum engagement. Our custom digital approach includes social video formatting and cutdowns, backed by strong creative tailored to audience preferences.


Media Consulting

Leveraging our digital campaign experience, we’ve worked with clients on content strategy, social media repositioning and reviewing and repurposing media assets. Our multidisciplinary recommendations fuse data with creative techniques to give new and repurposed media the best chance of going the furthest.

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Virtual Events

We’ve worked with brands like PBS, NACS and Hashtag Sports to transform in-person conferences and awards shows to wholly digital experiences that take advantage of the medium, rather than defaulting to it.

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We produce top-line webinars for our clients to keep up with the changing digital landscape. We've also created our own webinar series, which brings together industry leaders and game changers from companies like Twitter, TripAdvisor, NASCAR, and Sotheby’s to talk about innovative plays to elevate their brands during the global pandemic.

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Virtual Tours

More than ever, we know that consumers want to experience the spaces they can no longer visit in person. Working with clients like the Dallas Cowboys, AARP, and Sunrise Senior Living, we’ve used 360-degree technology and immersive AR to create cutting-edge virtual experiences.

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Social livestreams have become some of the most effective ways to engage audiences. We produce high-quality livestreams with thousands of viewers for clients such as Stand Together. We also create polished cut-downs to be redistributed across social channels, ensuring our clients get maximum mileage from every piece of live content we produce.