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36 INDUSTRY AWARDS!! Our outstanding team is so proud to have brought these projects and stories to life, along with our exceptional clients and partners. It is truly…

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Event Promo Hacks Using Movie Trailer Tactics

What’s your favorite movie trailer? Is there a promo that had you beating down the doors of the box office? One that immediately comes to mind is the…

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What We’re Watching and Why You Like It

In scripted video, everything starts with story structure. Just like there are multiple ways to build a house or car, there are multiple ways to build a story….

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Just Like The Movies: Explainers Explained

An explainer video is a tried and true way to communicate what it is that you and your company have to offer. However, ‘tried and true’ can sometimes…

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AARP En Vivo Contigo During the pandemic, AARP seized the unprecedented opportunity for Hispanic and Latinx communities across the country to connect with each other, provide support, and…

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Make-A-Wish Virtual Gala

Evening of Wishes: Hope From Home In 2021, Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic held their first ever all-virtual gala entitled Evening of Wishes: Hope From Home. Through this event, they were…

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Sotheby’s Virtual Events

Sotheby’s Virtual Events As one of the giants in precious art and collector’s items, Sotheby’s has always used in-person talks, gallery walks, and events to drive attention to…

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That’s a wrap on the 2022 Video Production Awards! We are beyond proud of our incredible team and their hard work in bringing these stories to life. Green…

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Insights into the World of Creator Marketing

Enjoy our webinar featuring Ashlie Daubert, the Director of Branded Content at Collab, Inc. You’ll gain insights into the world of Creator Marketing, how to build strong partnerships &…

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Inspiring Public Trust During a Crisis: Key Marketing Insights & Learnings from NYC Awareness Campaigns

Watch for this webinar featuring Carmen Boon, the Senior Director for Strategic Communications at NYC Health + Hospitals, Alex Fino, VP, Managing Director at fluent360 and Louis Maldonado,…

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Watch this fireside chat with Betsy Rohtbart, VP Global Web & Ecommerce at Vonage. In this interactive forum, you’ll learn what really makes a digital transformation effective and…

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A Green Buzz Webinar with J.P. Morgan & Obligo
Is Desktop the New Mobile? How the Pandemic and a WFH Future are Changing the Way People Consume Media

Watch this unique fireside chat with Hans Mayo, Vice President of Marketing & Communications – Digital at J.P. Morgan, and Kalki Gillespie, Senior Product Manager – Growth at…

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Maximizing Engagement by Leveraging User Feedback & Preferences

Watch this webinar featuring Samantha Nystrom, the Senior Content Marketing Manager at DeVry University, and Becky Fowler, the Internal Communications Lead at EA. You’ll learn how to use…

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What The Best Modern Full Service Agencies All Have In Common

What’s the key advantage full service agencies have over boutiques? Is it their ability to craft a seamless experience from production to distribution? What about cost? Maybe it’s…

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Green Buzz Agency's Fireside Chat with LEGO's Creative Director
A Fireside Chat with Award-Winning Producer Lisa Cunningham

Watch this fireside chat with Lisa Cunningham, the Digital Content Manager at the Black Women’s Health Imperative and an award-winning producer. In this interactive forum, you’ll learn how…

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A Green Buzz Agency Fireside Chat with Patrick Jager, Founder and CEO of CORE Innovation Group
A Fireside Chat with the Founder and CEO of CORE Innovation Group

Have you ever had a big content idea, but it didn’t get the results or engagement you wanted? In this Fireside Chat, Patrick Jager, Founder and CEO of…

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3 Video Marketing Trends for 2021
3 Video Marketing Trends to Guide Your Digital Strategy in 2021

2020 ushered in a new era for video marketing trends. As we migrated our lives to the internet, people began consuming more content than ever, while also becoming…

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A Green Buzz Agency Fireside Chat with a Top Expert at Google
A Fireside Chat with a Top Expert from Google

In this Fireside Chat, we sat down with Raashi Rosenberger, a member of Google‘s Global Brand Marketing team for Consumer Apps. Listen in to hear about Google’s approach…

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2020 Year in Review: Green Buzz Agency Project Highlights
Our 2020 Year in Review

In the whirlwind that was 2020, we kept doing what we do best: making great video. We used video to stay connected, keep audiences engaged, and tell the…

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A Green Buzz Agency Fireside Chat with Greg Galant the CEO and Cofounder of the Shorty Awards
Social Video Trends to Watch in 2021 with the CEO of the Shorty Awards

In this Fireside Chat, we sat down with Greg Galant, the CEO and Cofounder of the Shorty Awards. Listen in or read on to learn about social media…

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Web Summit 2020 virtual conference
3 Lessons on Creativity and Remote Work from Web Summit 2020

At this year’s Web Summit, creativity was key. The transition to remote work in 2020 forced major change, but it also inspired major creativity. Innovation was a driving…

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Video editing software for social media on tablet
The Complete Guide to Video Formatting on Social Media

When it comes to marketing, social video is the proverbial queen of engagement. Marketers in 2020 need to make sure that their organizations focus on developing a strong…

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Gray background with red ripple and white sparkles
A Fireside Chat: Content Strategy with LEGO’s Creative Director of Digital

In an exclusive Fireside Chat with Green Buzz Agency, we sat down with LEGO Americas Creative Director of Digital James Gregson to share top-line insights on creative inspiration,…

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How to Build a Content Strategy Based on Behavior and Segmentation: Bustle Webinar

In this webinar, learn how to fine-tune your content strategy based on behavior and hyper-segmentation.  You’ll hear from Amanda Chan, VP of Content Strategy at Bustle Digital Group,…

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Content that Delivers Value and Caters to Your Niche: Women 2.0, The Gist and SheIS Webinar

Audience, content and value are the pillars of building brand loyalty and a successful content strategy.  In this webinar, you’ll learn how to market directly to your audience…

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Green Buzz Agency Webinar with TJ Cooney Video Producer at AARP
Data that Fuels Storytelling and Creative Decision Making: AARP Webinar

Success on social is all about the numbers, but all too often creative decisions are made based on feel instead of facts.  In this webinar, learn how data…

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From Crisis to Creative: How to Balance Exploration and Exploitation Green Buzz Agency webinar
From Crisis to Creative: How to Balance Exploration and Exploitation: Thoughtexchange Webinar

Remember the ‘new normal’? It’s time for the next phase. Since settling into the world of remote work, brands have had to balance creative endeavors with necessary pandemic…

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Black and white collage of awards and award winners from Green Buzz Agency
Green Buzz Agency’s 2020 Award Round Up

WASHINGTON, DC — Oct. 5, 2020 The 2020 video production awards season has wrapped and Green Buzz Agency was the winner of 18 awards for 11 videos, surpassing…

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Professional microphone in studio with screen attached
Green Buzz Agency CEO Tod Plotkin Talks Audience Engagement on Up Next Podcast

Going viral isn’t a strategy – it’s an outcome of the right video at the right cultural moment. Engaging with audiences in an attention economy has always been…

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Cell phone sitting on open laptop with black ear buds next to it on white desk
To Zoom or Not to Zoom: Comparing Live Streaming Platforms for Events During the Pandemic

Now more than ever, video is helping connect audiences across the world and is bringing people closer together. With in-person meet-ups for professional networking and entertainment on pause,…

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Black and blue background with small red highlight
We All Need a Crystal Ball: Forecasting Consumer Trends During Uncertainty: Edelman & MRC Webinar

Planning for the future has never been more difficult. With constantly changing trends, conversations, and events, it can seem impossible to stay engaged and keep your content relevant….

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Peach and teal background
Create Content that Drives Change and Inclusion: Special Olympics & KaBOOM! Webinar

The events of 2020 have translated to a call for change throughout America, especially in areas related to health safety and inclusion.  In this webinar, learn how to…

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Purple, yellow, pink and green wavy background
Fostering Community and Transparency to Build Brand Loyalty: Sodexo & Stoli Group Webinar

2020 is the year of brand safety. But it’s also the year of the consumer. Individuals have taken hold, re-evaluated their loyalty and become more vocal than ever…

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Purple, grey and blue background with white flecks and a wavy line
Management of Creative Services to Drive Success in 2020 and Beyond Webinar: Threespot & WDG

In a time when in-person activity is on pause, creative digital content has never been more important. In this unique session, three agency leaders will come together to…

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Blue background
Quibi & PBS NewsHour: Capitalize on the Changing Ways We Consume Content Webinar

It’s no secret, COVID-19 has created an insatiable desire for news. But networks that have adapted to the changing ways we consume content are seeing explosive growth well…

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Statue of Emmy award
Green Buzz Agency Brings Home 5th Consecutive Emmy Win

WASHINGTON, DC — Aug. 8th, 2020 The Capital Emmys announced that Green Buzz Agency was named the winner for Best Commercial: Single Spot in the 62nd Annual Awards…

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Making Trade-Offs in Marketing Webinar: TripActions

Is your marketing plan a revenue-driver or a cost center? For marketers, the true test of success is the ability to manage cost-revenue trade-offs. To make the biggest…

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Pink, green, purple abstract background
Understanding the New Consumer Webinar: Huge & BPI Media

2020 has irrevocably changed the consumer landscape. And while the “new normal” has become an overnight cliche, the reality is brands and businesses have to understand and adapt…

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Pointilist dot background
Future-Proofing Virtual Entertainment Experiences for 2020 and Beyond: Universal Music Group & Getty Images Webinar

Our entire lives have become a digital experience, and the entertainment industry is taking note. From Travis Scott’s record-breaking live concert on Fortnite to reimagining the red carpet…

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Black and white photo of circular hallway with lines of lights
Why Your Marketing Campaign Will Never Go Viral: Twitter Webinar

“Make it go viral” is the least helpful directive a manager could give a team. Virality can’t be forced into being. But there are some savvy fundamentals behind…

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Red and blue wavy background graphic
Stay Relevant: How to Innovate and Lean Into a New Virtual Culture Webinar

TikTok, Zoom, Livestreams and digital events, it’s no secret that virtual culture is rapidly evolving amid the pandemic. But what does that actually mean for your business or…

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Laptop showing YouTube sitting on table in dark room
7 Strategies for Remote Content Creation

With the universal shift to remote online work, a new virtual culture was born. For marketers, this transformation has ushered in a huge shift in the ways consumers…

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Graphic of green wavy lines
Content Creation that Powers Growth and Digital Transformation: PBS Digital Studios Webinar

Quarantine means video consumption is on the rise, but how do you cut through the noise? It’s time to forget clicks and views. Video success is all about…

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Illustration of social media icons on phone
Create Video Content that Drives Organic Growth

With people stuck inside, video streaming services like Netflix and YouTube are grabbing all of the attention of content-hungry viewers. As these media giants dominate the market, it…

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Black and white photo of arm museum atrium
How Sotheby’s & Tripadvisor Moved the Cultural Sector Online Webinar

Treasured sectors of arts, travel, and culture must innovate to survive in industries built on drawing people together for unique shared experiences. Not only has the global pandemic…

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Black and white photo of ancient face sculpture and vases in an art museum
How Digital Experiences are Transforming the Cultural Sector

In a moment where traveling, wandering around a museum, and going to a theater are suddenly impossible activities, digital experiences are picking up the slack. For the cultural…

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Black and white photo of basketball sitting on court
Exclusive Podcast: The Making of the New Kevin Durant Documentary

Co-directed by Jimmy Jenkins and John Beckham, Basketball County: In the Water documents the rise of Kevin Durant to the NBA, and dives into PG County’s unprecedented ability…

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View from the sky of an empty race car track at night
Get on Track: NASCAR & Entercom Lessons on Remote Programming Webinar

As sports leagues around the country began to pivot into the eSports arena, none were able to do so with as much success as NASCAR. In late March,…

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McLaren 600 LT automobile in dark warehouse with its lights on
How NASCAR is Using eSports to Keep Sports Alive in Quarantine

Live sports events are a thing of the past. When the coronavirus shutdown hit the NBA in early March, the NHL, NFL, MLB, U.S. Open, and even the…

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Green wavy background
Earning Your Brand Purpose During Crisis: Make-a-Wish & Stand Together Webinar

The global pandemic has launched us into an unprecedented moment of social responsibility. As attitudes and behaviors change during COVID-19, it is more important than ever for your…

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Stack of newspapers
Navigating Brand Messaging During Crisis

There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the global economy. And, its impact on our daily routines has been equally challenging. But…

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Man video recording people who are on a stage
The Ultimate Video Production Process Guide

No other medium has the power to demonstrate a concept and evoke a response as effectively as video. When implemented into your marketing strategy, high quality video can…

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Black and white photo of two hands with fingers touching each other in a triangle shape
How to Really Connect on LinkedIn

Social media isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. That means you’ll have to nurture your Linkedin connections to get the most of them: here’s some tips.

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Coin operated viewing binoculars overlooking a lush, green forest
Location Scouting Strategy for Effective Messaging

The location in a video goes a long way in setting the tone and grabbing the audience’s attention. Being able to pick out the correct location is a key part of a video, and these steps can help you get there.

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Hands of a man using a smart phone to send a text
The Micro-Moment: And What It Means For Marketers

Consumers turn to their phones hundreds of times a day to help answer questions or solve problems. Learn more about how brands can attack these quick moments to have the most success in this new wave of…

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Professional camera on stand in front of a pine tree
5 Reasons Why Video Marketing is Necessary

Video Marketing has become a necessary part of the advertising market. No longer is it enough to have static images or plain text as your primary way of reaching out to consumers. Video has created a whole new way to reach out to the audience, one that commands attention and increases ROI before it even begins to play. Every company and brand should be using video to its fullest potential and if you don’t already know why, here are five reasons to solidify video’s necessity even further.

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A man sitting at a desk in front of several monitors editing a video
Best Practices: Video Editing Software

Video Editors piece together elements to create a story using footage, audio, music, sound effects, and graphics, but how they go about editing may be completely unique. Just like how artists use different tools to create their work, editors use different technologies to create a video.

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Woman sitting in crowd with blue and yellow flowers in her hair and face paint on her cheek
Marketing Generation Z

Generation Z is the most diverse generation yet; they are expected to comprise 32 percent of the global population in 2019, outnumbering millennials, who will account for 31.5 percent. Learn more about the demographic and how you can target them.

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Storytelling with content marketing conference in a dark room
Storytelling With Content Marketing: What We Learned At #SMSsummit

We attended the Social Media Strategies Summit in NYC, and it was insightful, to say the least. Over the course of two days, we listened to some fantastic presentations given by senior-level marketing professionals from companies like Hootsuite, OWN, Facebook, and more. Here’s what we learned.

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Two women sitting at a wooden table looking at the screen of a Samsung Chromebook
How To Grab Your Audience’s Attention In The First Three Seconds

Did you know that up to 47% of the value in a video campaign is delivered in the first three seconds? Learn how to quickly grab your audience’s attention so that you can successfully deliver your message.

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Side view of five books, showing the edge of the pages
Video Production Lingo Made Simple

Want to be “in the know” when you’re on set? We’ve broken down the most commonly used words and phrases thrown around by video production crews.

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Teen boy in red shirt and shorts riding a micro motorbike down the road
A Look Into the Rapid Success of a Youtube Influencer

With over 1.8 billion unique Youtube users each month, how can an individual make his or her channel stand out? We interviewed Stephen Sharer, who has over 3.7 million Youtube subscribers and over 1 billion views to date.

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Top down view of man's hands on a very old black typewriter with a cup of black coffee sitting next to it on the left
Ethos, Pathos, Logos: Video Marketing Edition

Remember ethos, pathos and logos from high school? These 3 persuasive appeals are a useful guide to creating successful video content.

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A plate with spinach, mushrooms and noodles cooked together with a fried egg on top is sitting on a blue painted table
Making a Video for Your Restaurant

Restaurant video ads are mostly prevalent among notorious family-style chains, such as Olive Garden and Red Lobster. However, smaller establishments can benefit from promotional videos too. Learn how to get started…

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White laptop on white background
Youtube vs. Vimeo: Choosing a Video Platform

What is the difference between Youtube and Vimeo? Which one is right for you and your video projects? We’ve compared the two platforms to help you pick.

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Professional photo shoot with lighting and a white backdrop
The Basics of Lighting for Video Production

If you’re shooting your own video, you need to have a game plan for the lighting. We’ve provided the basics that are absolutely crucial to know.

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Two girls with long brown hair and sunglasses sipping cold drinks while one girl takes a selfie of them together
Social Media and the Fashion Industry

When was the last time you wanted to flip through a fashion mag? Social media is moving your beauty tutorial from newsprint to newsfeed. Studies show that…

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Red neon sign of a heart and a zero in a text bubble
5 Tips to Make The Best Instagram Live Video

Live video is fast becoming a a key marketing component for many companies. Instagram Live in particular is a great way to showcase your brand and give your audience a little peek behind the scenes. Here are 5 tips on making the best possible Instagram Live video.

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Man standing in Times Square looking up at advertisements on the buildings at night
Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, Post-Roll: Which Ad Placement is Best?

Placement of video advertisements is just as important as the content of the ad itself. It can determine how receptive the audience is to the message. Pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll are the major options when deciding where to place the ad, and each comes with its own set of benefits and pitfalls.

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Black and white photo of two boxers practicing defensive poses
Video Marketing Showdown: Dunkin’ Donuts v. Starbucks

Starbucks is killing it in the branded content game, but Dunkin’ might have a leg up in memorable advertising. Who will win this video marketing showdown?

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Two hands reaching up toward a blue sky
How to Reach Customers in an Age of Value Based Marketing

When you market towards your target audience’s values, you’re communicating in a much more impactful way than traditional marketing. It takes truly understanding the needs of your customers, and that exercise can only lead to a better relationship between you and your potential clients.

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A woman's hand holding an old video camera in her palm and the camera with a Facebook Live sticker
Why Live Video is an Important Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Live Video offers its viewers real moments from real people – authenticity. Which is why it has really taken off in the last few years. In fact, according to a study from Research and Markets, the streaming industry is estimated to reach $70.05 billion by 2021.

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Two mixed martial artists in the ring fighting, and one is kicking the other in the side
Video Marketing Showdown: McDonald’s v. Burger King

It’s a tale as old as time – the Big Mac versus the Whopper, Ronald McDonald versus the King™. We’ve taken a closer look at McDonald’s and Burger King’s current video marketing strategies to see who is coming out on top.

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Hand holding an old video camera on a blue background
Why Authenticity is Important in Video Influencer Marketing

How can influencer marketing fail? Well, according to a market research survey from Deep Focus, when it comes to advertising 67% of Gen Z prefer to be engaged by “real people.” That means if your influencer video marketing comes across as inauthentic to the viewer, it’s likely your campaign will flop.

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Two men standing at a wooden high top table having a discussion
3 Crucial Tips For Working With A Video Production Company

We have covered three very important points everyone should strive to abide by when planning, hiring and going through the video production process. Why? Because doing so will make the overall process run more smoothly on both ends and your overall finished product will be the best it can possibly be.

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Two men with a video camera standing in a kitchen discussing the shot they are taking
Why Video Marketing Is Essential In Today’s Marketing World

We live in a world that is full of video. Innovators are constantly adapting and learning how to make their products video friendly. If you are a marketer, learn these important statistics and reasons why video is crucial when it comes to your marketing plan.

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Red neon sign with the word market in capital letters repeated three times
The 5 Active Generations and How to Market to Them

If you want to be successful in the marketing industry, it is important to be familiar with generational profiling and the characteristics each generation has. Doing so can pave the way for increased views and better results than your competitors.

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A man recording a video of a guitarist on stage with a personal camcorder
Short Video vs. Long Video: Optimizing Video Length

When creating videos, it is important to take length into consideration to optimize quality. We’ve outlined the best times and places to use both short and long video to ensure you get it just right.

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View from the International Space Station of Earth at night
360 Video: A Round View For A Round World

Are you considering the use of a 360 video? Learn how to implement 360 video to engage viewers. We have covered the best ways to do so and have highlighted companies with good use of 360 video.

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View facing directly at a video camera lens
3 Video Styles to Bring to Your Marketing Plan

Did you know that 59% of executives agree that users are more likely to engage with video than text on a topic of their interest? Or that 52%…

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Large, old movie theatre with red seats, an arched ceiling and people seated throughout
The Psychology Behind Video Consumers

The average attention span for consumers is only 8.25 seconds of video. Learn how to capitalize on this by applying psychology to video marketing. Read on to learn how marketers use techniques to drive behavior.

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Hand holding a cell phone at a concert taking a picture
What Is An Instagram Video View?

Instagram is upping its video features. How can advertisers use this growing platform in their marketing plans? From Stories to stickers, learn all about how you can use Instagram video.

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Male speaker on stage in front of crowd at Collision Technology Conference in New Orleans in 2018
Marketing For Startups: What We Learned At Collision Conference

We talked to some startups at Collision Conference this year about their marketing strategies. Here’s what we learned.

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Samsung cell phone with Snapchat on screen
Video Marketing With Snapchat

Big budget or small budget, Snapchat may be the marketing tool you’re looking for. Discover if it’s right for you.

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Close up image of chef cutting an onion on a wooden cutting board
Food Video Strategies: Comparing The New York Times and BuzzFeed’s Tasty

Content providers have been sharing their recipes in magazines and webpages, but the newest trend is video. Online publications like New York Times and BuzzFeed are using video content to make their recipes accessible to their unique audiences.

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View of hand holding a cell phone, looking at the screen while sitting at a round wood table
The Evolution of Twitter

Twitter is still a staple of social media marketing, especially seen in this past election cycle. But, what is Twitter doing to stay relevant in this competitive environment? Read for more on the Twitter evolution!

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Close up of professional video camera sitting on a white table
How To Make A Video

Many professionals find the video production process to be challenging. Green Buzz Agency provides insight into the three stages of production to help.

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A tamaron camera lens with a black background
Branded Film Marketing

Car chases and explosions aren’t just for the silver screen anymore. Brands are creating their own short films as a marketing tool. And, it’s working.

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Hands typing on a wireless apple keyboard with a white mouse, yellow watch and an iPhone on a white desk
How to Make Your Corporate Video Stand Out

It’s easy to fall into the typical corporate video formula. Curious how you can switch it up? Learn more about how you can make unique corporate video work for you!

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Lower half of man wearing black pants and holding a video camera
Video and Native Advertising

Native video advertising has found a comfortable niche in the marketing sphere. Use your videos to connect with your audience through online sites and mobile apps.

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Woman in shorts and long-sleeved t-shirt walking on dirt trail atop of Green Mountain Ridge
Purpose, Process, Payoff

Even today as I meet with brands, I find myself reverting to them as we discuss their strategies and next moves in their marketing efforts. And while I’m certainly not challenging them, I often ask as we begin to discuss a new project: what is their purpose?

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Black and white photo of group of protestors in the middle of a city street intersection
Activism in Your Branded Video Content

We know that Dove’s “Like a Girl” campaign made waves in the Video Marketing World. But taking an activist stance can be risky. Learn how to do it right.

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Close up of blue Facebook icon on a phone screen
How to Determine Your Video’s Success on Facebook

A View is the number of time your video has been watched, right? Well, it turns out, it’s not that simple. What other Facebook metrics determine success?

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View of a hand holding a phone featuring Pokemon Go
How To Attract An Audience With Augmented Reality

Augmented reality took the world by storm with the release of Pokemon Go. What made it so successful, and how can brands adopt similar marketing strategies?

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Woman laughing while using virtual reality glasses
VR vs 360-Degree Video

So you’ve decided to take your branded content to the next level with VR and 360- video. After strategizing a video marketing plan, you have to choose…

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Point of view looking at a video camera screen of a woman sitting in front of a book shelf
How to Humanize your Brand through Video and Social Media

When promoting your brand, you need to have content that personally connects with your audience. Here’s how to use video and social media to humanize your brand…

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Bearded man in green oxford smiling and standing next to woman taking a picture with a white cell phone
5 Traits of a Successful Promotional Video

Promotional videos come in many shapes, from conventional TV ads to non-profit fundraising. But here’s the secret to create a success promotion video…

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View of Times Square with digital billboards lit up and people walking around
Tell Me a Story: Branded Content That Works

In the end, don’t be intimidated by branded video content. Successful branded content follows the same strategies as any successful video or film: It’s compelling and honest, and it tells a story.

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Popped buttered popcorn on a black background
The Best Branded Documentaries

In the past, documentary was widely considered to be elitist and artistic. But now, brands are taking up this form to promote their branded content in the form of storytelling. Here are some great strategies to learn from…

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John Mulaney and co-star on set of the TV Show Mulaney, sitting on couch
Great Editors Can Make Bad TV Look Good

After rating the 22 promos for the TV networks’ new shows, we came up with two main conclusions. The first is that we have really bad taste in television.

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A woman's mouth and nose peeking through a torn pink heavy paper screen
Why Dove’s Video Marketing Strategy Works

Dove took great care to understand their average customer and was able to produce a meaningful, emotionally satisfying and subtle video, which represents their philosophy and brand while respecting their customer base.

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Woman standing in conference room talking while five other people are sitting at white table looking at their mobile phones
Top 5 April Fools Jokes in Video Marketing

Who needs the Super Bowl when you have April Fools? This year, tons of brands unveiled a slew of April Fools jokes via premium video marketing.

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A man sitting at a desk with a cup of coffee reading an article on a tablet
9 Ways to Get LinkedIn Company Page Followers

Are you looking for some tips on how to get more company followers for your Linkedin page? We have some advice that you can implement quickly and easily!

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Gold playing cards and two gold dice lying on a small, round stone platter
The Golden Rule of Marketing: 4 Actions You Need To Take Now

When your marketing plan is consistent across all platforms, you can achieve harmony. Here are four easy tips to follow to help you get closer to unity.

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