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Close up of Emmy Award statue
Green Buzz Agency: Demo Reel
Illustration of brain, earth, and people
Green Buzz Agency: Motion Graphics Demo Reel
Boy wearing a ball cap and red coat holding a basketball and standing in front of a two car garage
Make-A-Wish: Wizard For A Day
Upworthy: Company Overview
Merged photos of a young girl on right side blowing sparks that are flying across on the left side
ICF Next Brand Reveal
Police Officer Matt Yoder speaking to Corry Dawkins in Charlotte, Virginia
An Imperfect Union: Pilot
African Wildlife Fund
African Wildlife Foundation: Strategic Vision
Dion Sanders
Stand Together: Deion Sanders
CW Football
The CW: Neil’s Story
Woman in brown sweatshirt with iPhone ear buds in her ears sitting in front of post-it notes on wall
My Art is Poetry: Tapestry Collection by Hilton
Illustration of white stars on a blue background
Make-A-Wish: Fundraising Animation
Lockheed Martin AEGIS
Lockheed Martin: AEGIS 50th Anniversary
Man wearing yellow and black traditional African clothing with wooden mask
Ancestry.Com Branded Documentary
Green Buzz Agency SHRM DC Brau profile video
City of New Orleans
City of New Orleans: Celebrity Chef
Green Buzz Agency Children's National Health System: Curing Sickle Cell video
Children’s National Health System: Curing Sickle Cell
View of cityscape with blue-grey cloudy sky
ULI: Sir Richard Rogers London
SYFY 31 days of halloween
SYFY Channel: Influencer Tutorial
GW Hillel
GW Hillel: Building Up & Building Out
Capterra YouTube Pre-Roll
Little Girl Makeup
Make-A-Wish Documentary: Ocean’s Call
Graphic of different shapes on a stage and in spotlights
Blackboard: e Teacher
Woman in blue scrubs rushing down a hospital hallway
Medstar Health: Active Shooter
Georgetown Lombard
Georgetown Lombardi: Lena’s Story
Child in suit being shown some documents by an adult man in a suit
Ancestry.com: Jeremy Alexander
Children's National
Children’s National: Music Video
Cartoon Witch
American Red Cross: Emergen-Scenes
George Washington Statue
George Washington University: Making History Campaign
Washington DC
AEI Cronyism Series Episode: Government Financing
Green Buzz Agency Make-A-Wish Documentary Baltimore Zoo
Make-A-Wish Documentary: Baltimore Zoo
Pfizer Pride
Pfizer: Pride
Illustration of man and woman talking
Amtrak 2050 Animation
Urban Institute
Urban Institute: Changemaker Forum
Blue and white graphic of woman sitting at table with laptop
Tycko & Zavareei: Whistleblower
Workers watching a plane launch off of an air craft carrier during the day
Make-A-Wish: Carrier of Dreams
Nichols Singapore
Urban Land Institute: Nichols Singapore
Hillary Clinton
The Aspen Institute: International Nonprofit Profile
Gold Toe Commercial
Gold Toe Commercial
Campfire Country
Montana Professional Assistance Program
Green Buzz Agency Kivvit Nuclear Matters video
Kivvit: Nuclear Matters Campaign
Blackboard for Business
Blackboard for Business
Green Buzz Agency Faces of Sodexo Chef D video profile
Sodexo: Chef D
Quaker Oats Uncommon Threads
Quaker Oats: Common Threads
Graphic of communication lines
NCTA: Broadening the Internet
Green Buzz Agency Threespot Big Data explainer video
Threespot: Big Data
Illustration of earth with surrounding items in circles
George Washington University’s Alumni Program Benefits
NACS: Best Restaurants in Atlanta
Woman sitting at a desk with a laptop, writing on a notepad with other women next to her
Lidl Employer Branding Video
Green Buzz Agency video SourceAmerica Tom Redinger
SourceAmerica: Tom Redinger
Modern Kitchen
Case: Interior Design Commercial
Fertilizer Institute
Fertilizer Institute: The Letter
Man with dimples, black hair and a blue shirt smiling
Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center
Faces of Sodexo
Faces of Sodexo: Pat Clelland
Capital Bikeshare
Capital Bikeshare Commercial
Graphic of cityscape
Urban Land Institute: Sponsorship
Older woman in tattered sweat jacket wearing glasses and talking to a man
Truvia: Kazi Mannan
John Mccain
Hudson Institute: Think Tank Profile
Farmer of the Year
Field to Market: Farmer of the Year
Blackboard Animation
Blackboard App & Software Explainer Animation
Fertilizer Institute
Fertilizer Institute: Year in Review
Parent's arms holding small, smiling boy in yellow checked shirt, spinning him around
Green Buzz Original Comedy Series
Green Buzz Agency EVERFI EduCup sizzle reel
Everfi: EduCup Sizzle
Green Buzz Agency Stand Together IG Live sizzle reel
Stand Together: IG Live Sizzle
Green Buzz Agency AARP Disrupt Aging Masterclass
AARP: Masterclass Teaser
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