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Nuclear Matters
Green Buzz Agency: Demo Reel
Green Buzz Agency Motion Graphics Demo Reel
Green Buzz Agency: Motion Graphics Demo Reel
ICF Next Brand Reveal
Upworthy: Company Overview
Make-A-Wish: Wizard For A Day
An Imperfect Union: Pilot
GW Hillel
GW Hillel: Building Up & Building Out
Dion Sanders
Deion Sanders: You Ball, You Get the Call
CW Football
The CW: Neil’s Story
City of New Orleans
City of New Orleans: Celebrity Chef
Fertilizer Institute
Fertilizer Institute: The Letter
African Wildlife Fund
African Wildlife Foundation: Strategic Vision
Ancestry.Com Branded Documentary
SourceAmerica: Barbara Moore
Pfizer Pride
Pfizer: Pride
Nichols Singapore
Urban Land Institute: Nichols Singapore
Urban Land Institute: Sponsorship
My Art is Poetry: Tapestry Collection by Hilton
Children's National
Children’s National: Music Video
Tycko & Zavareei: Whistleblower
Little Girl Makeup
Make-A-Wish Documentary: Ocean’s Call
Big Data
Threespot: Big Data
Children’s National Health System: Curing Sickle Cell
SYFY 31 days of halloween
SYFY Channel: Influencer Tutorial
Georgetown Lombard
Georgetown Lombardi: Lena’s Story
Make-A-Wish Documentary: Baltimore Zoo
Lockheed Martin AEGIS
Lockheed Martin: AEGIS 50th Anniversary
Cartoon Witch
American Red Cross: Emergen-Scenes
Ancestry.com: Jeremy Alexander
Washington DC
AEI Cronyism Series Episode: Government Financing
NACS: Best Restaurants in Atlanta
MedStar Health Active Shooter
Medstar Health: Active Shooter
Blackboard: e Teacher
NCTA: Broadening the Internet
Capterra YouTube Pre-Roll
Fertilizer Institute
Fertilizer Institute: Year in Review
CW American
The CW: “All American” Branded Documentary
Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center
Gold Toe Commercial
Gold Toe Commercial
A boy and his dog
Make-A-Wish Documentary: A Boy and His Dog
Truvia: Kazi Mannan
Kivvit: Nuclear Matters Campaign
Blackboard for Business
Blackboard for Business
Farmer of the Year
Field to Market: Farmer of the Year
Urban Institute
Urban Institute: Changemaker Forum
Aspen Institute Weave the People
Aspen Institute: WeaveThePeople
Faces of Sodexo
Faces of Sodexo: Pat Clelland
SIOR Overview
ULI: Sir Richard Rogers London
CNAS: End of Year Sizzle
Source America
Source America: Paul Rangel
John Mccain
Hudson Institute: Think Tank Profile
Silverback Strategies
Silverback Strategies Testimonial
Hillary Clinton
The Aspen Institute: International Nonprofit Profile
Quaker Oats Uncommon Threads
Quaker Oats: Common Threads
Capital Bikeshare
Capital Bikeshare Commercial
George Washington Statue
George Washington University: Making History Campaign
Lidl Careers
Lidl Employer Branding Video
George Washington University’s Alumni Program Benefits
Make-A-Wish: Fundraising Animation
Blackboard Animation
Blackboard App & Software Explainer Animation
Green Buzz Original Comedy Series
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