Watch this fireside chat with Betsy Rohtbart, VP Global Web & Ecommerce at Vonage. In this interactive forum, you’ll learn what really makes a digital transformation effective and how to introduce those principles to your own organization.

You’ll learn:

> What a real digital transformation looks like and why it’s more than just a buzzword

> Actionable steps to transform your marketing strategy based on real-life case studies

> How to keep meeting your KPIs even under new constraints

Featured Guest

Betsy Rohtbart VP Global Web & Ecommerce at Vonage

Betsy Rohtbart is the VP of Global Web and Ecommerce for Vonage. Her career spans nearly 20 years leading large-scale initiatives including digital transformation, integrated digital program execution and post-merger brand and marcom integration. In her spare time Betsy enjoys bike rides with her sons, tinkering with home automation with her husband and binging Netflix.