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9 Ways to Get LinkedIn Company Page Followers

Ever since LinkedIn updated its Company page design, the Internet has buzzed with tips and tricks to get better results. Let’s talk about 9 ways to get LinkedIn Company page followers, so you can see great results for your efforts. Of course, these tips assume your Company page is already set up and ready to go:


1. Ask for the follow

One simple reason people don’t follow your page is because you didn’t ask. Start sharing your company page link with your network of 1st connections via a simple request:


“We’re excited about our new company page! “Would you be so kind as to follow us? It only takes a few seconds using this link.”


You can also share your Company page link as a status update on your home page, with a request:


“Hey, world! We’re psyched about our new company page. Come take a look, and please follow us!”


2. Don’t forget your employees

While focusing on prospects and customers, we sometimes forget our valuable employees have networks too, so ask employees to share your Company page. They can personalize their messages to suit individual styles. In fact, you may want to designate specific employees as “admin,” so they have permission to make changes to the page.


3. Share on other SM sites


Are you using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other SM platforms? Share your LinkedIn Company page on these sites to hit as many followers as possible with your request. Ask your employees to do the same.


4. Add share buttons to your web pages

Adding a “share” button to your company website or blog is a fast and easy way to get others to play along. LinkedIn explains how to do it here.
A Company Profile widget is also available for placement on the sidebar of your website or blog. For example:


5. Follow Others

If you haven’t heard it before, it bears repeating: social media success is about sharing and giving.
The more you give to others by liking their posts, sharing their stuff and following them, the more people are likely to give back to you in the same or similar ways. Soon you’ll have a healthy base of followers only too happy to fulfill any request.
So follow all of your 1st connections, like their posts, make a comment here or there, and don’t forget…follow your clients too! When you follow them, they’ll follow you back. Painless.


6. Add the page URL to your email signature

How many emails do you send each day? Hundreds? Thousands? What if you could get new LinkedIn followers every time you sent an email? You can, by adding your LinkedIn Company page URL to your email signature. Try it…it works!

Or, consider adding the Company page link to your Group Post signature. Each time you post a discussion, add the link to the bottom of the post.


Also, add the page link to your responses to others’ invitations to connect, or add the link to the website text field when responding to an InMail.


And don’t forget LinkedIn Answers! At the end of each answer you provide is a field for adding URLs for your website, your blog, etc. Consider adding the link to your Company page too! Simple as pie.


7. Write a blog post or article

Write a blog post or article about LinkedIn and its application to your industry–for example, 10 Top Industry Groups or a How to Grow Your Business with LinkedIn article. Include a link to your Company page in the Author’s box or in the body of the blog post. Post your article to one of the many useful article directories, such as Social Media Today or Business2Community.
Be sure to provide good value in your article, so it doesn’t seem like just another blatant promotion. If you need a copywriter, I can help.


8. Guarantee  the Best Page Content, Every Time

1000 followers who never return and never engage with you are worthless. 10 loyal followers who are brand-enthusiastic are worth their weight in gold. So, while you’re building numbers, build loyalty by providing great value with your content.


  • Choose targeted status updates so that your posts go to followers who will most appreciate the information. This will cut down on annoying people with updates that are meaningless to them.
  • Update your page regularly with high-value content. You may find this time-consuming, as it currently must be done manually. But imagine your followers’ delight when the news, insights, quotes, top stories, press releases, and industry information they receive from you hits the mark every time! This is how you build reputation, loyalty and…even more followers!  If you are unsure about how to find great content, drop me a note and I’ll help you figure it out.
  • Ask for feedback in your status updates. People love to share their opinions. A simple “What do you think?” or “How do you view these events?” is enough to get ‘em talking.
  • If you’ve got a really relevant update to share, move it to the top of your Home page by “featuring” it. (Similar to “pinning” a Facebook update).



9. Measure. Measure. Measure!

24 hours after your post, LinkedIn displays impressions and engagement for each update. Some companies have reported their updates perform better than paid LinkedIn advertising. So don’t miss out on using available tools to measure how well you’re doing.


Use the Insights and Page Statistics tools to find your most popular updates, and weed out those that flop. Monitor the analytics graphs for visitor spikes. Then, figure out what you did right at that moment, and do it again!


Go get ‘em! And let me know how it works out for you. I love success stories. You can reach me at (yes, dot co).



Victoria Ipri teaches small businesses how to use LinkedIn for stronger networks, greater visibility and real lead generation. Her phone mentoring program is popular among solopreneurs, and small businesses across the globe enjoy Victoria’s webinars and hands-on LinkedIn training seminars. She is the author of LinkedIn For The Clueless, available on Amazon. You can reach Victoria at or 610-616-3576. Watch for her new website, coming soon!

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