A Fireside Chat: Content Strategy with LEGO’s Creative Director of Digital

In an exclusive Fireside Chat with Green Buzz Agency, we sat down with LEGO Americas Creative Director of Digital James Gregson to share top-line insights on creative inspiration, social media basics, and data driven marketing.

Set up as an interactive forum, this Green Buzz Fireside Chat invited guests to ask questions directly in the session. Listen in to learn how to adopt strategies that are helping marketers and creatives navigate a rapidly evolving digital landscape.


James Gregson LEGO Americas Creative Director of Digital

JAMES GREGSON is the Creative Director of Digital at LEGO Americas. He has over a decade of experience leading global, cross-platform campaigns with brands like SVEDKA and Mercedes-Benz. James brings a unique knowledge of both the data driven and creative sides of content marketing that inform his success as a digital strategist.