Audience growth strategy

Nickelodeon approached Green Buzz Agency to grow their YouTube audience by creating a Haunted House YouTube series for Halloween. The series, which was cast and created entirely by Green Buzz, starred influencers Daniella Perkins and Lilimar Hernandez as they were challenged to explore ghost gardens and haunted hallways. 




  • Through tactile maneuvers, our cameras followed the talent closely, allowing us to catch every frightening jump and humorous moment, while immersing audiences in the scare along the way.


  • Fly-on-the-wall footage captured by strategically placed go-pros gave viewers a bird’s eye view of each terrifying scene.


  • To further engage younger audiences, we added an element of gamification at the bottom of the screen.


  • At every step of pre to post-production, our team ensured the frightening content was appropriate for Nickelodeon’s young audience and employed humorous cuts to soften the mood.


The series was among the most popular videos on Nickelodeon’s YouTube channel in 2018, and was a force in growing the channel to its current 10 million subscribers.  

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