Stand Together: Facebook + YouTube Media Consulting

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Fusing Data + Creative Techniques

Stand Together’s social platforms serve as the launchpad for multi-million dollar fundraising campaigns and large-scale community support efforts. Like many brands, they were actively posting on Facebook and YouTube, but weren’t operating under a comprehensive strategy, causing vast discrepancies in content performance and engagement rates. As Stand Together’s strategic partner, we took a deep-dive into their Facebook and YouTube libraries and created growth strategies that would reach a larger audience and bolster their mission. 


We created a holistic overhaul of Stand Together’s entire Facebook and YouTube libraries. Our goal was to create a strategy that would draw in a large, highly engaged audience who would amplify their content and attract an increase in donations and volunteers. To achieve this, we fused data with creative techniques so that each piece of content would both captivate viewers and be optimized for the Facebook and YouTube algorithms. 


Our team developed two unique methods for calculating the health of each video, using key performance metrics and a customized story scoring formula. We then developed specific recommendations to strengthen, optimize and re-edit each video for maximum engagement and reach. We also designed a distribution strategy for Facebook and YouTube and equipped Stand Together with industry-proven best practices and potential partnerships to further amplify their content reach. As digital thinkers and strategic storytellers, we engage technology and human emotion in a way that goes beyond the traditional agency approach.




8,203 Data Points

Collected Across Facebook + YouTube

video health calculation

through customized story scoring formula

Content optimization

including Video, Copy, Pages, and Thumbnails

Distribution Strategy

Organic and paid

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