Data that Fuels Storytelling and Creative Decision Making: AARP Webinar

Success on social is all about the numbers, but all too often creative decisions are made based on feel instead of facts. 

In this webinar, learn how data can be applied to storytelling and drive creative decisions. You’ll hear from TJ Cooney, Video Producer at AARP, and learn:

> How to use data to inform decisions on script down to the second 

> How to double down on the top 10% of your content

> How to create data-driven social marketing plans that convince decision makers


TJ Cooney Video Producer at AARP

TJ COONEY is the Video Producer at AARP and a Youtube Creator. At AARP, TJ has produced several documentary shorts, including a D-Day series narrated by Bryan Cranston. His YouTube channel, “I Need More Space,” has grown to an audience of over 80K subscribers, and over 8 million channel views.