From Crisis to Creative: How to Balance Exploration and Exploitation: Thoughtexchange Webinar

Remember the ‘new normal’? It’s time for the next phase. Since settling into the world of remote work, brands have had to balance creative endeavors with necessary pandemic precautions. But to shift into a phase of forward thinking, teams need to engage in creative work.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to transition your teams from crisis mode to creative exploration. You’ll hear from Jessica Nordlander, COO of Thoughtexchange, and learn:

> How to make big decisions on explorative projects

> When it’s time to shift from crisis mode to forward progress

> How to leverage a forced pivot for renewed creativity


Jessica Nordlander COO of ThoughtExchange for Green Buzz Agency Webinar Series

JESSICA NORDLANDER is the COO of ThoughtExchange. Prior to joining Thoughtexchange, Jessica served as the Chief Digital Officer for global travel group STS Education, and was the Head of Business Development at Google in the Nordic Countries. Recently named Sweden’s Most Innovative Leader, Jessica brings over a decade of experience scaling multinational tech companies.