Future-Proofing Virtual Entertainment Experiences for 2020 and Beyond: Universal Music Group & Getty Images Webinar

Our entire lives have become a digital experience, and the entertainment industry is taking note. From Travis Scott’s record-breaking live concert on Fortnite to reimagining the red carpet in virtual and also in six-foot increments, audience engagement with respect to live entertainment is transforming in real time.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how Kirstin Benson, VP of Global Entertainment at Getty Images, and Zach Dresler, Director of Global Content and Channel Strategy at Universal Music Group, are tapping into the power of authentic virtual communities to transform the field of digital entertainment. You’ll learn what it takes to future-proof your business or brand and break through audience fatigue, while stimulating long-term interest in digital experiences.

Featured Panelists

KIRSTIN BENSON is the VP of Global Entertainment at Getty Images. Kirstin brings her expertise in digital content creation, and her experience in front of the camera to her work in building audience reach. Before joining Getty, Kirstin launched Time’s new outlet, Instant, taking the outlet from its inception to over 130 million video views in less than a year.

Zach Dresler Universal Music Group

ZACH DRESLER is the former Director of Global Content and Channel Strategy at Universal Music Group. Zach brings over a decade of experience in creative production with media giants including NFL and Buzzfeed. Zach works and understands every stage of video creation, allowing him to bring an idea from inception to execution.