Green Buzz Agency CEO Tod Plotkin Talks Audience Engagement on Up Next Podcast

Going viral isn’t a strategy – it’s an outcome of the right video at the right cultural moment. Engaging with audiences in an attention economy has always been important – and challenging – but things are being brought to a whole new level with COVID-19.

Our Founder and CEO Tod Plotkin joins this episode of the Up Next Podcast with Gabriella Mirabelli to discuss how tapping into emotion in video content can reliably deliver audience engagement. He gets into the philosophy behind Green Buzz Agency’s video strategy, from our focus on bringing talent in-house, to the relationship between run-time and emotional engagement in our work.

Listen to the full episode here:

About the Up Next Podcast with Gabriella Mirabelli

New ideas and new technology are causing seismic shifts in the media industry. Where are we headed? What does it mean? On the Up Next podcast, media strategist Gabriella Mirabelli talks with the brightest minds in entertainment and business. She meets the innovators, the risk-takers and the disrupters on the front lines of change from Hollywood, Wall Street, Silicon Valley and beyond. 

Gabriella Mirabelli is the former EVP, Consumer Insights & Brand Strategy at Valence Media. Prior, Gabriella was the CEO and Co-Founder of ANATOMY, a strategic consultancy and Emmy-winning creative services agency that served world-class entertainment brands. Gabriella’s research on young adults’ media consumption behaviors has been cited in Forbes, The Wrap, MediaPost, and Yahoo Finance.

About Green Buzz Agency

Green Buzz Agency is a full-service video production company that works with cutting-edge media outlets and impactful brands to create compelling video content. Our team of in-house, innovative storytellers create rich story arcs that retain viewers’ attention, evoke emotional responses and maximize return on investment. Trusted by clients like the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Upworthy, Hilton, the Ad Council, HGTV, SYFY, Nickelodeon, Lowe’s, American Red Cross, Navy Federal Credit Union, Children’s National, AARP and the ACLU, Green Buzz is a go-to creative partner that delivers on both empathy and professionalism.