How to Make Your Corporate Video Stand Out

Updated on February 14, 2020.

When you think of corporate video, what comes to mind? The CEO being interviewed at their desk? An employee and a client shaking hands? A long shot down the office space? It’s been done before, and it’s all we ever see. Making videos just like this is not what’s going to make you stand out in the crowd. You’ll need to take a different perspective to create a unique corporate video.


What Is Corporate Video?

Corporate video encompasses videos that tell viewers who you are. Many corporate videos summarize the company history and feature employee or client testimonials. This formula has been used over and over again in the creation of standard corporate videos.


It’s not that this tried and true formula is ineffective, but it may be time for a change. It may be time for you to reflect your brand in a different way. It may be time for you to do something new with your corporate video. It may be time to harness your company’s uniqueness factor.


How Can You Make Your Corporate Video Stand Out?

In order to create a unique video, you need to discover what’s unique about you. Your brand has a rich story behind it. There is unmatched passion there that you need to tap into. Find out what makes your brand different and bring that to the forefront of your campaign.


In finding your uniqueness, you need to find your tone. Your tone can be serious, funny, inspiring, heartwarming, or whatever else you feel personifies your brand. Yet, many of the most unique corporate videos have humorous aspects to them. Comedic videos are actually one of the most popular categories among online viewers.  



The Toronto-based advertising agency, John St., uploaded a corporate video called “Catvertising” on YouTube. The video features humorous elements about the massive number of cat videos on the internet. The firm took a funny and engaging approach that had our office howling with laughter.

Humor is a unique element. It’s usually unexpected by audiences, especially in corporate video. Where most expect that corporate videos alienate audiences, humor can draw them in. You can also use humor to show your personality. Taking a lighthearted, joking approach can make your brand more relatable to consumers.


A humorous tone is a great way to reach your online audience as well. Comedic elements tend to make videos more shareable and engaging for casual viewers. Comedy is one of the top three most popular online video genres to date. Out of the three — comedy, music, and news — comedy is the most preferred, with almost 40 percent favorability.


Not all unique corporate videos have humorous aspects, and not all brands want to reflect a humorous tone. There are ways to make a corporate video with a more serious or inspiring tone unique. Focusing on elements like lighting, sound, and cinematography will make your corporate video memorable and technically accomplished.

How The Corporate Video Looks

Corporate video footage can get repetitive, but there are ways to liven up your visuals. For example, consider including motion graphics. Motion graphics can benefit your video whether they’re paired with recorded footage or not. You are less limited with your visuals than you may be when working with real people and locations. The visual style of your graphics is where you have boundless opportunities to make your brand personality known.


This Upworthy corporate video shows how a campaign can rely on motion graphics to tell its story, without sacrificing quality or believability. The hyper-realistic nature of the video makes the images appear real. They may not actually be tangible, but they absolutely look tangible. The realness added to this video helps form an emotional connection and engages the viewer — the best of both worlds.

If motion graphics aren’t your style, you can opt for a “new-meets-old” format. Don’t just tap into the current, tap into the past and the future, too. Using older footage can give your brand more credibility. It can also showcase your company’s mission by unearthing some of its history.

Another way to create a more dynamic feel to your video is by incorporating subtle movements. You can use techniques like slow pans to provide an active feel while remaining focused on the subject of your frame. It’s amazing how much a small movement can really elevate the look and feel of your project.

How The Corporate Video Sounds

Sound is an incredibly important aspect in videos. It sets up the scene and helps the audience determine what will happen next. For example, without the Jaws theme to tell us something is about to happen, would any of us be scared?


You can use sound in different ways to reflect the tone of your corporate video. If you’re going for an emotional or inspiring tone, using long flowing melodies can be a great way to reflect that. If you’re trying to highlight the youthfulness of your brand, consider using a “plucking” electronic tone.


If you’re looking to emphasize elements of humor or light-heartedness, it can be unique to use music that doesn’t quite match your message. For example, if you’re making fun of a serious type of video, using music that sounds “serious” could add even more humor to your video.



No matter what kind of corporate video you create, it should be enjoyable. If a viewer finds the video enjoyable, the chance of brand association increases by 139 percent. Give your audience something they’ll appreciate, and they’ll bring that appreciation right back to you.


Katie Murray, Marketing and Communication at Green Buzz Agency.

Emily Herman contributed to this post.