Is Desktop the New Mobile? How the Pandemic and a WFH Future are Changing the Way People Consume Media

Watch this unique fireside chat with Hans Mayo, Vice President of Marketing & Communications – Digital at J.P. Morgan, and Kalki Gillespie, Senior Product Manager – Growth at Obligo. In this interactive forum, you’ll learn how people consume media has changed in a pandemic/work from home world and what that means for marketers. 

You’ll learn:

> What happened? How has the pandemic affected the way people consume their media?

> Technology trends to look for

> Opportunities for marketers and conversion rate discoveries

Featured Panelists

Hans Mayo is a VP in Digital at J.P. Morgan. He is an award-winning leader specializing in digital and traditional marketing strategy. Before JPM, Hans led an investor-backed startup specializing in consumer experience technology. Previously he held digital and marketing roles for multiple Fortune 500 companies, such as Time Warner Entertainment and HSBC. He has also worked with City of NY(NYC) within app strategy and with various online e-commerce companies when he was running his own digital agency for small to mid-size businesses. Hans Mayo is a strategist, designer, marketer, and programmer.

Kalki Gillespie is a Senior Product Manager of Growth at Obligo. He is a cross-industry product leader and high velocity experimentation evangelist. He is the resident contrarian thinker and mad scientist in constant pursuit of high impact, low effort features, to drive adoption of new technologies and generate revenue.