Making Trade-Offs in Marketing Webinar: TripActions

Is your marketing plan a revenue-driver or a cost center? For marketers, the true test of success is the ability to manage cost-revenue trade-offs. To make the biggest impact on the business, marketing leaders must direct a strategy that will drive revenue, while also cutting costs. 

In this webinar, learn how to make effective trade-offs that create profitable marketing plans. Meagen Eisenberg, Chief Marketing Officer at TripActions will break down her approach to maintaining a revenue-driving marketing strategy, even in times of uncertainty.

You’ll learn how to:

> Make your marketing strategy a direct form of revenue

> Minimize marketing costs that won’t convert

> Implement change-resistant strategy that will weather uncertainty


MEAGEN EISENBERG is the Chief Marketing Officer at TripActions. Before joining TripActions, Meagen served as the CMO for mongoDB and the VP of Customer Acquisition for DocuSign. In just one year at TripActions, Meagen has grown the marketing team by 5x its size, and led TripActions to it’s ranking as G2’s #1 Travel Management App.