Management of Creative Services to Drive Success in 2020 and Beyond Webinar: Threespot & WDG

In a time when in-person activity is on pause, creative digital content has never been more important. In this unique session, three agency leaders will come together to share tangible case studies and tactics for managing the creative process both internally with teams and externally with clients. 

In this webinar, you’ll hear from Tod Plotkin, CEO and Founder of Green Buzz Agency; Liz Ott, President of Threespot; and Ab Emam, Founder of WDG. You’ll learn how to optimize workflows while pushing creative that meets the needs of clients, even while working remotely. You’ll also come away with an understanding of:

> How to continue to highlight and differentiate creative work during COVID-19  

> What has changed and what has stayed the same as a digital first agency in 2020

> How to keep up productivity and morale while working remotely


CEO and Founder of Green Buzz Agency Tod Plotkin

TOD PLOTKIN is the CEO and Founder of Green Buzz Agency. Since starting Green Buzz in 2010, Tod has executive produced Ad Council’s video content for the Love Has No Labels Campaign, overseen one of the most successful Facebook Watch shows, and kicked off Lowe’s largest branded content campaign with a show-stopping centerpiece anthem video.

President of Threespot Liz Ott

LIZ OTT is the President of Threespot, a DC-based independent digital agency dedicated to serving clients who are committed to helping others. At Threespot, Liz has supported clients such as UN Environment, the Hilton Foundation and the National Park Service. She is the former president of AIGA DC, and currently serves as Communications Director on the B Corp Mid-Atlantic Steering Committee.

Founder of WDG Ab Emam

AB EMAM is the Founder of WDG, an award-winning Arlington-based digital strategy firm. WDG’s experienced creative, WordPress, and Drupal development team supports C-level executives of Fortune companies and nonprofits to implement digital change. Ab has led WDG’s work with clients such as the American Red Cross, PBS, Discovery Education, and Kleenex.