GW: Making History Campaign



  • 2015 Bronze Telly Award Winner in Online Video­: Education
  • 2015 Bronze Telly Award Winner in Online Video: Editing

George Washington University’s Challenge:


As George Washington University approaches its 200th anniversary in 2021, the school has undertaken a billion dollar philanthropic campaign. To raise awareness and inspire alumni to contribute to this hefty endeavor, GW reached out to Green Buzz Agency to produce a fundraising campaign video.


Video Production Strategy:


The original concept for the video was to show textbook history being made (i.e. alumni members of Congress passing legislation, scientists creating new drugs, or architects building bridges), but Green Buzz Agency and George Washington University worked together to scale it back to broader terms.

GBA developed a script and strategy that would highlight how GW is making history in its classrooms, athletics and in the world.

The production team filmed George Washington students, professors and alumni in front of iconic campus images and newly constructed buildings, harmonizing old and new. The GBA team coached the participants on delivering the script. Additionally, in post­-production, the editors added pacing to help the video flow naturally. A jib crane was used to add visual depth. Slow motion and timelapse footage were also incorporated to enhance the cinematic quality of the piece. The post-­production team used the beautiful shots to put together an inspiring video.

Video Marketing Results:


The fundraising campaign video was so well received that the university decided to build a larger multimedia campaign around it.

It was also the recipient of two 2015 Bronze Telly Awards in the Online Video categories of Education and Editing.

“The final product was outstanding and it was a pleasure working with GBA every step of the way. Their reliable work, responsive service and attention to detail produced a piece that we are happy to share with the world. And the best part of all, they worked with our budget!  For our future video projects we plan to work with them again.” –Chris Brooks, Luther Rice Society, The George Washington University

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