Understanding the New Consumer Webinar: Huge & BPI Media

2020 has irrevocably changed the consumer landscape. And while the “new normal” has become an overnight cliche, the reality is brands and businesses have to understand and adapt to an entirely new consumer mindset. 

In this webinar, Dan Hou, President of Huge Inc. DC and ATL, and Andrew Bleeker, President of Bully Pulpit Interactive will break down new research and strategies on how brands can reach re-emerging U.S. consumers. 

You’ll learn:

> The 5 post-isolation personas and how to connect with each of them.

> How major societal shifts are impacting brands and media consumption.

> Core communication components brands should answer to.


DAN HOU is the President at HUGE, Southeast. Dan has played an instrumental role in growing Huge over the past 10 years, and has transformed the user experience for clients ranging from Target and Four Seasons to USA Today and the PGA. Dan’s passion for content marketing and addictive consumer experiences, has made him a successful CEO of several startups and co-author of a book used at Wharton.

ANDREW BLEEKER is the President and Founder of Bully Pulpit Interactive. Andrew served as the lead digital marketing strategist for both of President Obama’s campaigns, as well as a senior advisor to Secretary Clinton. Since Bully Pulpit’s inception in 2009, Andrew has expanded to four offices and managed a billion dollar marketing budget.