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Fill my basket

Kindness on a viral scale

Cricket Wireless was on a mission to refresh the brand by giving consumers “Something to Smile About” (#STSA) – an experience customers seldom encounter in their dealings with wireless providers. As part of the new campaign, Cricket approached Upworthy and Green Buzz Agency to create a branded documentary series that would tap into social conversations and and amplify the #STSA campaign messaging. 


The challenge was to create a branded documentary that would spread and inspire kindness on a viral scale. We needed to find an organization with an impactful story which would align with Cricket Wireless’ core brand values. The story had to be shot and edited in a way that could drive engagement and ignite a movement.


After extensive story research, Green Buzz Agency discovered a small group of friends in Oklahoma City who started a charity called Fill My Basket. The group spontaneously paid for the groceries of random strangers, which aligned perfectly with Cricket Wireless’ new brand values. 


Using hidden cameras, we filmed raw moments as they unfolded on screen, capturing spontaneous reactions, natural soundbites and unguarded words.


In post-production, we cut through candid moments with authentic interviews and b-roll footage to paint the complete view of Fill My Basket’s impact.


Our Fill My Basket branded documentary for Cricket Wireless became one of the most-watched branded videos the year it was released. After our video, Fill My Basket was highlighted by national news spots, which transformed the organization into a full fledged nonprofit from the success of our video.  

By the numbers

93 million

social impressions

33 million

organic views


social interactions


Short Form Film Festival: Best Branded Content – 3rd Place

2017 Shorty Social Good Finalist: Video 

2018 Bronze Telly: Viral for Branded Content

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