TEGNA + Facebook Watch


An Imperfect Union

Original branded series


TEGNA chose Green Buzz Agency to coordinate, shoot and edit An Imperfect Union for Facebook Watch. The original series was designed to combat divisive political issues and fleeting online attention spans, by bringing together Americans with contrasting perspectives on the most charged political issues.


In 2019, An Imperfect Union was the second highest rated show in the News division of Facebook Watch, which surpassed large brand communities like VOX, Bloomberg and ABC. 


Each episode was shot in a different community around the country and focused on bringing conversations from the digital sphere to face-to-face interactions.


Working alongside a news reporter, our challenge was to create a hybrid documentary-style which blended high-level reporting with rich documentary tropes and visuals. Full episodes were debuted on the News Division of Facebook Watch alongside shorter cut-downs which aired on national broadcast.


Production time was incredibly fast, with lead times ranging from three days to three weeks. 


  • 8-10 minute average episode length 
  • 42 weekly episodes, produced, shot, and edited by Green Buzz Agency 
  • Filmed across the country in 18 different states


An Imperfect Union was the second highest rated show in the News Division of Facebook Watch in 2019.

By the Figures

59 million

Adults reached across national broadcast

66 news stations

aired 2-3 minute cuts on broadcast


Webby Honoree for Social Video Series

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