HGTV: Media Consulting

HGTV was looking to rebrand the look and feel of their network as a whole. While their content and ratings were performing well, their primary audience was getting older. To appeal to a younger demographic and shake the image that this was just your mom’s favorite channel, HGTV created a new roster of talent. 


Given our expertise in both linear and digital, HGTV approached Green Buzz for creative development and media consulting on a series of commercial refresh campaigns, which would invigorate the brand and strategically promote their new talent roster.


Our goal was to remind audiences that HGTV is the premiere Network for emotional and authentic stories. We wanted audiences to fall in love with the brand all over again and dispel old misconceptions. Our creative concepts worked to position HGTV as a brand with exceptional stories and dynamic talent who can relate to and entertain audiences in various stages of life. Our team did a deep dive on the HGTV brand to get a full understanding of stories that would best describe the heart and soul of the Network.


From there we consulted on footage that could be repurposed as well as created a series of research-driven concepts that ranged in production style to strategically reposition HGTV as authentic, fresh and entertaining.

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