Generation T

Campaign launch

Lowe’s came to Green Buzz Agency to launch their 10-year campaign – Generation T– which aims to change cultural perception of the trades and reimagine success in America. When Lowe’s approached us they knew they knew they needed something that would ignite a national movement, but didn’t have any creative in place to bring the campaign to life. 


With a blank canvas, our solution was to create a centerpiece anthem video from scratch that used a spoken word poet and motion graphic overlay to reframe the conversation and catapult the campaign. 




The video required the kind of magnetism that would drive the movement and rally a national audience. It had to be energetic and multifaceted with dynamic pacing to underscore the brand messaging and cadence of the spoken-word. The anthem video had an extremely tight turn-around time, with only one shoot day to capture everything. 


  • We cast a spoken word poet to shatter conceptions about the trades and ignite the campaign. Utilizing spoken-word poetry we connected with younger audiences and created a modern story-telling vehicle for the cause.



  • We worked directly with the talent to create the final script which tactfully hit the core messaging from the client.


          One Day Shoot 

  • We kept a light and portable set to hit multiple sites in one day. We strategically mapped locations that were near each other and brought multiple backdrops  to further vary the location styles.


          Immersive Transitions

  • Multiple stories and locations unfolded across the screen through creative transitions which enhanced the cadence and flow of the spoken-word and drew audiences further into the narrative. 


          Motion Graphic Integration

  • Punctuated the key theme that modern trades jobs had become highly sophisticated, complex and driven by technology. The motion graphic overlay also brought together the multitude of shoot day locations in a highly uniform manner.


As the cornerstone of the Generation T website, this flagship video’s concept and direction drives the Addy Award-winning campaign, which pulls together over 70 national brands. 


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