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To launch their first-ever digital short-form content, NBC’s SYFY channel partnered with Green Buzz Agency to create an ambitious branding initiative. SYFY had never made a “how-to” or “bts” video before, so we created the approach from the ground up. Everything from location scouting, casting, design, typography shooting and post-production was conducted and produced entirely in-house. 


Our 12-piece series anchored SYFY’s flagship campaign, 31 Days of Halloween, and aired across social and linear.



  • Our crew had just two days to gather enough footage for 12 videos with 6 on-air drivers.
  • The demanding schedule involved a variety of complicated sets with actors and influencers.
  • Producers maximized agility and efficiency through equipment choices such as steadicams, which created horror-movie inspired motion and eliminated unnecessary set design.
  • Post-production for all 12 digital videos and 6 broadcast cutdowns took under three weeks.
  • Our editing team focused on building tension with highly crafted sound design, well-placed speed ramps and moody color grading.

Headless Horseman Haunt


The Haunt video featured here is not for the faint of heart. Employing horror movie trailer techniques we created a twisted reality with gore and illusion. The tutorial portion of the video cuts the tension of the walk-through and employs a completely different lighting style and graphic introduction. The rest of the 12-part campaign can be seen on



Our campaign strategy was used to help launch and establish SYFY’s new digital brand. The project drove traffic from broadcast to social, with on-air television teasers drawing over 2 million views on Facebook alone.

2 million views

on Facebook alone

12 digital videos

Created in under 3 weeks

6 broadcast cutdowns

Created in under 3 weeks

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