Upworthy Creative Partnership


maximum organic reach

through a/b testing

As Upworthy’s creative partner, we’ve taken the lead on branded series’ for clients like the Ad Council, Verizon, the City of New Orleans, Ancestry.com and Quaker Oats. Together, we created powerful campaigns, leading Digiday to name the platform the Best Video Publisher Partner for Brands


Through our work with Upworthy, we developed an A/B testing strategy for all our content which went through 6-7 rounds of testing and research to optimize performance for the Facebook algorithm. We’ve now taken these insights and applied them to our digital approaches with all of our clients. 


We also cast each one of our partnered projects to ensure we found real-life stories that would move an audience and tie the featured brand to something larger than themselves.


Our Upworthy videos garnered best of breed metrics, according to Ad Age and were some of the most viral and successful Upworthy videos of all time. 


Our Upworthy videos averaged

3 Million

Organic Views






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