Our 2020 Year in Review

In the whirlwind that was 2020, we kept doing what we do best: making great video. We used video to stay connected, keep audiences engaged, and tell the stories that didn’t stop. 

As always, we’re proud of all the work our team has done in the past year. But after the year that was 2020, we wanted to pause to highlight some of our favorite projects from this past year.

AARP En Vivo Contigo, Sotheby’s Virtual Auctions, DCG’s “REACH” Campaign, and the launch of our original Green Buzz Webinar Series all challenged us to push the bounds of traditional video production, and to create content that was connective, interactive, and engaging at a time when people needed it most. 

Read on to learn more about these important projects that Green Buzz worked on in 2020. 

AARP En Vivo Contigo

AARP En Vivo Contigo | Show Sample

During the pandemic, AARP seized the opportunity to unite Hispanic and Latinx communities through a digital event series which brought together DJ’s, chefs, and content creators to provide support to each other through difficult times using food, dance, and music. 

Green Buzz facilitated 16 live cooking demonstrations and 4 dance parties for 4 different Hispanic/Latinx markets across the country. We brought virtual shows to New York, Houston, Los Angeles and Miami all from our home base in Washington, DC. The campaign culminated with a huge crossover event, introducing chefs from each market to compete in a cooking challenge.

Branding the entire campaign with a unique style, our team designed custom graphics that were displayed live throughout the shows. GBA fully produced each event, providing technical support and direction for the talent during each live event. 

The shows were streamed over Facebook live, garnering engagement from each market’s audience and connecting Latinx communities to celebrate what feeds the soul, whether we are in the same place or not. In an isolating time, AARP En Vivo Contigo kept community and culture alive in the Hispanic and Latinx communities. 

Sotheby’s Virtual Auctions

As in-person events came to a halt, Sotheby’s approached Green Buzz Agency to bring the energy and excitement of a live auction into a series of virtual events to draw audiences to online auctions around the globe. 

Our events included virtual exhibitions of never before seen private collections of Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary works, featuring pieces from masters such as Van Gogh, Magritte, and Ansel Adams

This work with Sotheby’s was one of several opportunities we had to flex our muscles in virtual events and live video production in 2020. For this series, we used our technical expertise to replicate the unique environment of a Sotheby’s art auction and preserve the connection of the art community across the globe.

DCG REACH Campaign

DCG REACH Campaign|Episode: “Larry’s Story”

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs launched its REACH campaign to raise awareness for suicide prevention and to encourage those with risk factors to reach out to others for help. 

Green Buzz Agency was brought in to direct and produce a tentpole of the REACH campaign by creating a series of digital and broadcast PSAs. Each video tells the story of a person working through suicidal risk factors and ultimately reaching out to a trusted friend or community support system for help.

Using a combination of animated and live action video, this digital series provided depth to a much-needed conversation about mental health, while also walking viewers through effective preventative measures.

Our team produced and directed a four-day, 35-person shoot during the pandemic, enforcing stringent COVID-19 safety guidelines (which kept every member of the cast, crew and client team safe).The result: an emotional, resonant set of PSAs that the V.A. is planning on making its signature asset for the next two years of the REACH campaign.

Green Buzz Original Webinars

In the wake of COVID-19, Green Buzz wanted to create our own original webinar series that would foster a sense of community, while satiating the appetite to learn from home and navigate the new digital landscape brought on by the pandemic. 

To do this, we drew together unique pairings of panelists, who provide 60 minutes of industry expertise on topics ranging from high-level content and platform strategy, crisis communications, brand values, audience activation, post-isolation personas, and virtual production.

Since launching our series, we’ve had over 40 thought leaders join our panels from Twitter, Quibi, PBS, Sotheby’s, Tripadvisor, NASCAR, Make-A-Wish, Google and many more. In the new year, we’re continuing to bring top experts on the series, and featuring unique guest speakers in our new Fireside Chat format. 

Incorporating Fireside Chat episodes into our webinar series allows us to bridge the gap between virtual audiences and our panelists. Set up as an open conversation with an interactive Q&A segment, these special episodes let unscripted, off the cuff insights shine. 

A Year in Review

Working with big brand clients like AARP and Sotheby’s, and featuring expert webinar panelists from influential companies like PBS, Quibi, NASCAR, Twitter, and LEGO makes us proud of our 2020 in review, and confident for the year that lies ahead. Explore more of the work we’ve done and get in touch to see what we can do for your brand in 2021.