In the wake of COVID-19, Green Buzz Agency created a webinar series to bring together industry leaders from a number of different sectors to talk about the innovative plays they’ve made to elevate and pivot their brands during the global pandemic. Since launching our series, we’ve had thought leaders join our panels from Twitter, Quibi, PBS, Sotheby’s, Tripadvisor, NASCAR, Make-A-Wish and more, to provide our audience with top-line strategy, case studies, best practices and breakthrough ideas.


We wanted to create a series that would foster a sense of community, while satiating the appetite to learn from home and navigate the new digital landscape brought on by the pandemic. To achieve this, we drew together unique pairings of panelists from different sectors, who provide 60 minutes of industry expertise on topics ranging from high-level content and platform strategy, crisis communications, brand values, audience activation, post-isolation personas, and virtual production.


Each week, our Art Department creates the slide deck and visuals for every episode, which are then distributed to all webinar registrants as a resource. To make our webinars relevant to a wide audience, each of our panelists talk through strategies and case studies that are scalable and applicable to a variety of sectors. We also include a live Q&A session at the end of each webinar, so that our audience can directly interact with the panelists and delve deeper into specific topics. 



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