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IGTV: Is It For Me?

As a business, it’s important to keep up with the trends, engage with consumers, and as Instagram says, “leverage your community.” That means you should be using every tool available, especially video. Animoto says 75%...

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How Tech Companies Can Market Through Video

Blockchain, artificial intelligence, driverless cars - disruptive technology is dominating today’s industry, but how do they do it? This post will tell you how tech companies can market their products and services with video....

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Marketing Generation Z

Generation Z is the most diverse generation yet; they are expected to comprise 32 percent of the global population in 2019, outnumbering millennials, who will account for 31.5 percent. Learn more about the demographic and...

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Get Inspired: Big Brands That Use Content Marketing

Engagement—that’s the buzzword. If you want to build your brand, enhance your positioning strategy, and remain top-of-mind for potential customers, you need to actively engage people. So how do you get people to engage with...

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Facebook’s Newest Video Trends

Facebook video is continuously changing and marketers need to keep up. Find out what's trending on the biggest social media platform in the world....

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Best Practices: Video Length

The best length for your video depends on your story and the channel through which you plan to distribute it. If you're posting on...

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