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hotel video trends in the hospitality industry

Video And The Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is integrating video into their marketing strategies. From virtual reality to social media, learn more about how hotel video is changing the industry game. ...

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psychology behind video consumers

The Psychology Behind Video Consumers

The average attention span for consumers is only 8.25 seconds of video. Learn how to capitalize on this by applying psychology to video marketing. Read on to learn how marketers use techniques to drive behavior....

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instagram video live stories green buzz agency

What Is An Instagram Video View?

Instagram is upping its video features. How can advertisers use this growing platform in their marketing plans? From Stories to stickers, learn all about how you can use Instagram video. ...

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Washington, DC

Washington, DC: More Than Just Politics

Washington, DC: Politics, politics, and more politics. But, this great city is home to more than politicians and lobbyists. Read for more about why businesses love being in DC. ...

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The Evolution of Twitter

Twitter is still a staple of social media marketing, especially seen in this past election cycle. But, what is Twitter doing to stay relevant in this competitive environment? Read for more on the Twitter evolution!...

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