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social media fashion industry

Social Media’s Effect on the Fashion Industry

Updated: Feb 8, 2017   The fashion industry is fueled by marketing. The importance of an impressive marketing strategy is key in communicating with customers and exposing new products to the public. But, some traditional marketing forms...

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stop the hunger creative video promotion

Creative Promotion with Video

Mixed reality is an exciting way to promote your brand through video, but what other creative strategies are brands using for their video content? Learn more about new creative video promotion tactics....

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Video and Native Advertising

Native video advertising has found a comfortable niche in the marketing sphere. Use your videos to connect with your audience through online sites and mobile apps. ...

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virtual reality documentary toms experience giving trips

Using VR To Tell A Story

Wondering how you can use virtual reality content for your brand? Start with telling your story. Connect with your audience through a passionate narrative about your brand. ...

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Purpose, Process, Payoff in Marketing

Purpose, Process, Payoff

Even today as I meet with brands, I find myself reverting to them as we discuss their strategies and next moves in their marketing efforts. And while I’m certainly not challenging them, I often ask...

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2017 new year digital ad trends

What’s New for Digital Video in 2017

It’s 2017 and video content is more important than ever before. From Facebook to Virtual Reality, creating quality video content is what your audience deserves. Read up on some of this year’s top video trends....

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