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woman using virtual reality headset

Virtual Reality and the Average User

Virtual reality is one of the hot trends everyone’s excited for. But, is it right for you and your audience? VR technology might not be right for your branded content or your target audience. Consider...

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youtube pure fun effective video ads

Pure Fun Video Advertising

Think everyone skips past YouTube ads as soon as the five second arrow appears? Think again. Research from BBDO shows that there are ways to make your YouTube ads more engaging and increase viewer duration...

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Higher Education Fundraising: Consider Video

A university is a brand just like any other company or corporation. That's why higher education deserves the same attention when it comes to crafting branded content.   When producing video for higher education – we have a...

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VR vs 360-Degree Video

So you’ve decided to take your branded content to the next level with VR and 360- video. After strategizing a video marketing plan, you have to choose...

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