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Washington, DC

Washington, DC: More Than Just Politics

Washington, DC: Politics, politics, and more politics. But, this great city is home to more than politicians and lobbyists. Read for more about why businesses love being in DC. ...

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The Evolution of Twitter

Twitter is still a staple of social media marketing, especially seen in this past election cycle. But, what is Twitter doing to stay relevant in this competitive environment? Read for more on the Twitter evolution!...

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How to Make A Video

Many professionals find the video production process to be challenging. Green Buzz Agency provides insight into the three stages of production to help....

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Castello Cavalcanti Branded Film Prada Wes Anderson

Branded Film Marketing

Car chases and explosions aren’t just for the silver screen anymore. Brands are creating their own short films as a marketing tool. And, it’s working....

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The Best 360 Music Videos Do These 3 Things

A rising trend that consumers are becoming familiar with is 360-video music videos. Traditional music videos have been around for decades, giving music artists the ability to create visual art that can be appreciated separately...

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